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  • Starcraft 2 vs Team Fortress 2 (animation!)

    Just finished this animation soon i'll start doing more day9 animations! =D if people like the tf2 vs sc2 theme I might make more like that, I have a few ideas already. Enjoy!
  • awesome in reply to Nice work! by Moomintroll

    I considered adding SFX, next time I'll definitely do that. The bird sound is actually in there, its a little quiet though because its actually coming through day9's microphone, I tried to turn up the volume so you could hear ...
  • daily #590! in reply to 10/10 by LordMatsu

  • Day9 Fan Animation!

    I was goofing around listening to the day9 daily and also trying to think of an idea for an animation. Then I decided to animate some silly dialogue from day9's recent daily. Check it out and let me know what ...