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  • Fairypower in reply to Day[9]TV Volunteer List by SteppeLively

    Riuna Twoflower (Only name I ever give out online)
  • Moved in reply to Replay Sumbission?! by bigchunk1

    Check out this subthread: http://day9.tv/d/NemoAlius/funday-monday-submission/ They explained how to submit a replay it in the answer.
  • Oh in reply to Still an Issue... by SteppeLively

    I scrolled through the last few pages but didn't see that thread. :/
  • Oh I forgot about that in reply to Inconsistent by Moomintroll

    That happens to me sometimes, too. Haven't figured out a pattern thought, since it is not always the case.
  • New paragraph in comments

    Somehow I can't use enter to make a new paragraph in comments anymore. I have to use shift+enter (and always forget it so I end up with one long unreadable paragraph.)
  • This in reply to This has to be the most adorable and hilarious thing I've ever seen by jbigg2012

    Nothing intelligent to add.. This just was awesome. <3
  • If you want to make sure in reply to Highlighted upcoming tournaments got nothing by Berserk

    Just go into the different categories. There are all major events listed. At least with the month they will take place. For everything WCS: wcs.liquipedia.net and for smaller things: I guess you will still have to follow people on twitter ...
  • You have forgotten in reply to Overview of upcoming tournaments by Berserk

    the obvious source ;) http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/Portal:Leagues As to where they get their info: Well you can go to all the major websites like gomtv.net or mlg or esl or (I probably forgot most).... But that takes AGES... Liquipedia has it all ...
  • If you were in reply to Do pro gamers enjoy other games? by tuggles

    a progamer, playing sc2 would be your job. A very dedicated job, but still a job. Like sportsmen/women. Obviously you need to do non "your game" related things in your free time since overdoing something can lessen your performance. Some ...
  • Also in reply to Where else can i watch day9 videos? by Iamapaladin

    @ http://blip.tv/day9tv :) (But usually just a little bit faster than on youtube....)
  • tbh in reply to Idra kicked from Team EG by khaoz

    I am surprised it took them that long. I figured that he still had publicity values of some sort? In the last year (-ish) he has not showed any significant results nor has his behavior been anything like what a ...
  • Whenever I work in reply to oh nice by narwhal

    together with my sister it is rather hard for everyone around. Too many inside jokes and understanding what the other means without saying it. People that have not grown up with the two of us sometimes have a hard time ...
  • It has been done before in reply to Caster combos by zypher

    Quite recently actually. I just don't remember where it was. I'm pretty sure someone here knows though. I know that I saw the comments in chat but I was listening to music while watching that so I don't know if ...
  • If you need in reply to Yea by Philosopher

    anything visual (like a banner or something) and don't have the time I can always give it a try. My gimp skills need some practice anyways. ;)
  • I really like this in reply to SEA REPORT by Philosopher

    Since I have no idea what is going on in the SEA region (usually).
  • My main sources in reply to Good central place to keep track of tournament results by cameron.barclift

    All time favorite: http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/Main_PageOn their main page you see all major ongoing, past and upcoming events. In general you can find close to everything sc2 related there. (http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/Portal:Leagues could also be interesting.)There also is the calender on teamliquid.net but that ...
  • Thanks in reply to I have the source by LordMatsu

    I just thought it was kind of hilarious, because I saw the original and this looks so much like a straight copy when not reading it carefully.
  • I guessed that in reply to Nono by LordMatsu

    I just thought that maybe you could make that more clear in your post? Like right at the beginning?
  • Are you in reply to Piracy-ception? by LordMatsu

    part of that team? O.o
  • My personal 5 cents in reply to Day9 daily on addiction. by ztokdo

    This doesn't sound silly at all. It is a very important issue. I myself have troubles staying away from a PC but luckily am not addicted to a specific game.