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  • You can in reply to Manfred's measurements by jojojojo

    I just hope Manfred is not a lady inside. He might feel uncomfortable being asked how fat he is ;)
  • I know this is off-topic in reply to It's fine by LordMatsu

    But the implementation of emotion based decisions into AI is something that absolutely fascinates me. Emotions in general have always fascinated me. The same thing can result in so many different personal reactions. Neurological mapping is a step in the ...
  • Incentive in reply to Levelling is not the right way to go by phua.juanpeng

    What would your idea for an incentive be? Cause I have similar thoughts to what you wrote but I came to the conclusion (for me) that leveling could be a great incentive to play more and thereby get better at ...
  • Adele - Skyfall in reply to The Day[9] Music Librarium! by M15CH13F

    I'm usually not really into the newer Bond movies but this song gets stuck in my head over and over again <3
  • I'd like to add something in reply to A Friendly Guide for Forum Formatting and Content by jbigg2012

    Cruising the forums I have seen a lot of links not being formatted as links. In other words they are "unclickable". So here is a tiny How-To-Link :)
  • Thanks in reply to I think the 29th by Maxzor879

    Me too, me tooooo :) And then MC-DRG finals. gogogogo *might be a bit delusional*
  • I get it in reply to Test&lt;div&gt;&lt;/div&gt; by Saucy

    when I copy something into the title
  • Does anyone know in reply to GSL Season 5 by Riuna

    When next season starts? Maybe I'm blind but I couldn't find the date of the first matches :/
  • I like the general idea in reply to Leveling in Starcraft? by ntucker

    I like the leveling idea in general. It gives the non competitive player that doesn't get much on the ladder (except for frustration maybe another reason to play. I personally don't care much for portraits or anything but the feeling ...
  • Call me a noob in reply to Concerning ADs by Durugai

    But can you tell me what "AS" stands for :/ I'm not good with LoL terminology...
  • Looks like.... in reply to Hmm not sure by LordMatsu

    ... I'm even bad in virtual relationships T.T
  • I didn't... in reply to Lol by LordMatsu

    I didn't have a color version as far as I remember O.o
  • Funny how the same books can induce such different emotions in reply to I super strongly recommend it! by Day9

    I really like the Dresden files. Always have and always will I guess. But for me they have always been "the light on the side reading". Everything is rather predictable to me (which is not bad at all). This way ...
  • Just something... in reply to Favorite TV Shows by ntucker

    After spending another evening watching tv shows. Just one more thing about them: I have found so many awesome emotional "under the skin" songs with their help
  • Upgrades in reply to Funday Monday Topics by Xdeathknight

    I couldn't find it in the FM-list so I guess it hasn't been done yet. The idea is pretty simple:
  • I just had to in reply to Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, and Persona by LordMatsu

    Harvest moon OMFG I loooooooooooooove this game! Played it on my first gameboy and still do. I never make it till the end though :/ Just not enough patience... There is a relationship factor there? I never was able to ...
  • Me too in reply to Psych! by ntucker

    It definitely is one of my favorite shows in the bunch. I hate them for not coming back before next February (27th.... so loooooong) and not in October as they should!
  • Some is some isn't in reply to Anyone else feel this way? by GumBa11Machine

    There has been a lot of "drama" lately I agree. I don't like drama so I ignore most of it. But if you read between the lines there are other things, too. However I actually like that people voice their ...
  • Not really... in reply to Uncle Obama by ntucker

    But I didn't want to start posting NSFW stuff right at the beginning :x
  • Embedded images

    We noticed in one thread a problem with images not being displayed for others while the look okay in the editor setting and even after the first time saving it. It only happened when the image was in png format. ...