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  • Viva La Dirt League - You're Gonna GG in reply to The Day[9] Music Librarium! by M15CH13F

    I woke up with this in my head and it came back again and again all day long.
  • Well.... in reply to NP by itsbecca

    ... I have been called "off topic queen" in every forum I have been a regular at :x Darn, I really wanted to not do that again XD
  • I changed the format in reply to Wait! by itsbecca

    The one you and OP posted was png and I re-hosted it as jpg . So it seems that the png format is a problem. It isn't working for firefox for me either... I will tell ntucker next time I ...
  • I can see in reply to No go for me by itsbecca

    both formats... weird!
  • Test in reply to I'm on chrome too by itsbecca

    Edit: Weird I can see my own image O.o
  • I'm on chrome in reply to Interesting... by itsbecca

    So you see it as an embedded image? Interesting indeed. Edit: In Firefox I don't even see the rectangle... These are the only pictures I can't see in the forums though.
  • Maybe it is in my browser settings... in reply to Image fixed by itsbecca

    ... but I still just see an empty rectangle here and both links link to the same website for me :/
  • More fruit is good I guess in reply to You just blew my mind... by JesterEric

    But what I meant was: If your brain tells you "You are dumb - get your own personality.", you could answer "I am not dumb and I have my own personality which includes liking day9 and the adaptation of some ...
  • I did that ;) in reply to Oh man by CmdrManatee

    Just wanted to point it out to give you (and thereby anyone who didn't get it) a chance to fix it :)
  • Most brains seem to be ;) in reply to That makes sense by JesterEric

    Oh, I know quite well that rationality and feelings have not much in common most of the time. What helps me a bit is to think that through (sometimes pretending the person of interest not being myself) and then actively ...
  • I don't stream with camera, but... in reply to Anyone else stream and do Day[9] impressions? by JesterEric

    I think I know what you mean. I sometimes have the feeling that I "talk like friend x" or "laugh like actor y". I think it has something to do with mirror neurons and being able to empathize and relate. ...
  • I loved it in reply to The Name of the Wind by Grails

    A lot of people tried to get me into reading it but I was not interested at all. But I got it as a present and thought: "Well, why not? I'm sick and have nothing better to do." I read ...
  • You are very welcome :) in reply to it is... by JesterEric

    Is that some kind of vocational training? Imo most vocational training (practical training whatever it is called) is usually more useful than a theoretical college degree after which you still have to learn to "actually do things"...
  • What is... in reply to I should be studying by JesterEric

    ... a 701-702? *helps you to not study*
  • Is there something to read here? in reply to Day9 Must Read This. You Should too. by CmdrManatee

    The pics don't work either....
  • There is already a thread about that in reply to Any fan of SC2 should check these out! Carbot by UltraSlash

    Here is the other thread about that series. (I understand that the name of the thread could be a bit misleading, but maybe try the search function out. :) )Maybe a mod can either rename, move or join these two ...
  • And try to breathe in reply to I can totally relate by itsbecca

    Please do try to breathe while playing ;) It was meant to be a joke, but controlled slow breathing can actually help dealing with the anxiety/stress. There are quite some breathing techniques one can try out to calm themselves. :)
  • I love Sona in reply to Not Sona! by Butterednuts

    I hope it will be just as much fun to play with her then it is now. I usually play support and she is one of my favorites to do so. Even a funky full AD mid build kinda worked. ...
  • MLG Fall Championship

    Official website and Liquipedia entry + 8 players from the Open Bracket CombatEX, Demuslim, MC, Polt, Thorzain, Ret, Sheth... To see the full list: Click here.
  • I dunno... in reply to He could cast any game... by samuel.lok

    I can't envision him being a cricket commentator. Same goes for dog shows and air guitar competitions...