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  • Here are the changes in reply to What changes? by Butterednuts

    clickety click
  • Am I the only one... in reply to When Did You Get into Day9 by Philosopher

    ... who doesn't really know how I ended up watching day9 or when that actually was. :/ I don't have a favorite episode either.
  • I did in reply to by itsbecca

  • Usually you can watch for free in reply to Where can this be found? by maurodsimone

    I'm not 100% sure if it is still accurate (since I haven't been able to watch it live in quite some time) but there was usually a free low quality stream option on gom tv. It is not a stream ...
  • GSL Season 5

    I just thought that this needs a GSL thread, with the up-and-downs going on atm. Liquipedia entry Twitch coverage Predictions? Thoughts? Cheering? <3's?
  • I just hate the title option but since you asked so nicely :P in reply to This is where the title goes by jbigg2012

    I do know how to do it as a link ;) My edit was just a general suggestion. I still think that the forums need a bit more specific guidelines as provided in the "general rule" post.
  • . in reply to Lol is a fun game to play but a boring one to watch by Day9fan

    Ofc I respect and understand your point of view. I even partially agree with it. I enjoy playing LoL much more than watching it.
  • 1v1s in reply to 1v1s by Lef

    Yeah, I do that, too. Especially with new champs or to try out some build or training specific elements of the game. Ofc team games will always be a bit different but if you have practiced the basic elements somewhere ...
  • L. A. Noire

    I've just recently started playing this game and I have to say I am surprised how not easy it actually is. I really like all the details and the faces, but I still have to get used to paying attention ...
  • thehe in reply to *shiver* by BlackMage

    @BlackMage Thehe I do the "click all the things" when I get ganked and am so about to die. (The "click all the things" naturally includes a lot of weird noises I have to make like "omg omg omg OMFG" ...
  • Oh the anxiety (EU) in reply to Practice Partners by itsbecca

    Name: Riuna - 219 (EU)
  • That is exactly why I like it, too in reply to I'm a casual player by Plasticcaz

    Right from the start I was able to "do stuff" without getting smashed. In addition I think the same thing applies to watching it. In the beginning you only see 5 people beat the hell out of 5 other people ...
  • . in reply to Minor Errors and Suggestions by BlackMage

    About the <br>: I got the same when I copied something into the title. (doesn't that usually mean a line break?)
  • Anyone else want day[9] to try LoL? in reply to Anyone else want day[9] to try LoL? by DarkLordOfToast

    I don't get this whole "sc2 is better than LoL" (or the other way round) thingy. Whether day9 wants to do LoL is totally up to him. If he feels/thinks like it is a good idea: Go for it. If ...
  • I watch too many tv-shows... in reply to Favorite TV Shows by ntucker

    Here is what I watch and I am always all "OMG yes please let's talk about it". If you feel like talking about any of the shows? Go on, talk to me. I will love you till the e... well ...
  • Titles of the responses & Tagging

    Good job on the forums :) Here are some first thoughts: 1) When I respond I don't need an extra title and often just want to answer without thinking about some fancy header. Would it be possible that the title ...
  • title in reply to A Friendly Guide for Forum Formatting and Content by jbigg2012

    Can we get this [sticky] please? Or as part of the guidelines thread? Just an idea ;) Edit: A kazillion pictures in one thread might not be the best idea though. What about pictures in general just being linked? (At ...
  • Rated M? in reply to MetaDating #3 - Catherine by Day9

    They can't use swear words on stream but can play an M-rated video game? Or is there another game with that title?
  • I know the feeling of a failed drop... in reply to I tried to drop units... by Kitty4Cat

    I usually just drop units into their eminent death :x I never seem to know when I have not enough firepower for my micro to pull it off... :/ Don't really know how to practice it either - the insane ...
  • awesomesaucastic in reply to mwuahaha by fenwaygnome

    Colossus drops are one of my favorite things to see. My head can't wrap around the idea of a colossus in a warp prism XD