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  • If there ever are any questions in reply to I just realized by LordMatsu

    Just find me on the twitch chat ;)
  • I'm watching in reply to Lol by LordMatsu

    AND surprised by Shine. Not really surprised but I didn't expect him to start this strong. Me likes though. :D
  • It deleted it! in reply to Your click me by LordMatsu

    D: #blametucker ... can you see it now?
  • I hate group B in reply to I agree. by LordMatsu

    That is why I predict parting to not make it... cause I hold him responsible for this group! Me this week (and especially Thursday):
  • Here you go in reply to Cant watch by joel.westerlund.756

    http://www.twitch.tv/dreamhacktv/b/396294648Enjoy some awesome games. The spoiling is just... *sighs*
  • The semi finals in reply to Amazing final! by Moomintroll

    were a great example of the fact that I simply stop caring when "my guys" are out. :/ Stupid brain of mine. Sounds like I missed awesome games.
  • I never in reply to Blip barely working by AndreDB

    had problems with blip so far. Just tried different episodes and all was fine. :/ Maybe it was just a bad timing or it is on your side? (Using chrome on win 7 with a rather fast internet)
  • Narwhals stream in reply to Narwhal streaming by narwhal

    Always fun to see chat regular streams.
  • Thanks in reply to Oh! by Moomintroll

  • You did in reply to But where is the mystery? by Moomintroll

    what? O.o I just thought you wanted to share some of why you are looking forward and why it might be worth clicking that link. All I see is a house. Wouldn't make me click for more info...
  • Could you in reply to Tengami by Moomintroll

    Maybe add the name of the game to the title? It would be also nice to get a bit more info. :)
  • I read in reply to Root for Gowerly! by narwhal

    the name but didn't think it is the same gowerly.
  • 2013 Dreamhack Open: Stockholm - Day 1 in reply to 2013 DreamHack Open: Stockholm by Riuna

    3 group stages. The 32 highest seeded players will get seeded directly into the second group stage. BO3. 11:00 Group Stage #1 15:30 Group Stage #220:00 Group Stage #3
  • 2013 DreamHack Open: Stockholm

    DreamHack Open Stockholm is the first part of the 2013 DreamHack Open. It is the first non-WCS Tier 1 tournament that grants WCS points to the top 16 placed players.
  • Lee Hi -1,2,3,4 in reply to The Day[9] Music Librarium! by M15CH13F

    I'm listening to a Kpop radio station at work and ever since they played this song today I have had it on youtube autorepeat (AGAIN). I can't stop chair dancing to it.
  • Saxophones are sekschy in reply to Saxophone and Guitar by mrmcgibby

    My father has one and every now and then I borrow it determined to start playing properly. I always just end up playing some kids tunes cause I can't be bothered to put in all the work it needs to ...
  • Since I have in reply to Voice by LordMatsu

    also sung baselines in the choir and some a cappella pieces I guess I can add the voice to my list or instruments. :D
  • I have always made music in reply to Do any of you play instruments? by LordMatsu

    one way or another. Started music scool at age 3. I was a "pro" at playing the xylophone. XD Switched to the recorder at age 4 and played that till I was in second grade. Stopped cause my teacher couldn't ...
  • YOU KNOW YOUR A TRUE GAMER WHEN... in reply to You know your a true gamer when... by JiN

    ... when you are seriously considering moving to another country just because the Korean Proleague livestream on youtube is banned in your country.
  • The Ironsquid in reply to Iron Squid II question by trolsopol

    Youtube channel has most things. Not in one go but broken into pieces as Matsu already said.For example the intro:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bir5xe5xhUs