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  • On D? in reply to You leave out non-mmo's by Gimily

    I just tried that.... if I try to push the D with my thumb I click all the things. D: I never use D in LoL anyways I think.
  • I usually don't mind the topic in reply to Funday Monday Topics by Xdeathknight

    cause all have been fun so far. But PLEASE do a swarm host FM.
  • Rattata in reply to Day9 poke-crew! by prometheus0099

    Riuna ;)
  • That was why I wrote it in reply to example by seren

    Also your answer is a good example too :P
  • Please fix the spoiler issue

    As the title said. Please fix the issue with spoilers not being "closed" per default. If spoilers don't prevent spoiling (contents or layout-wise) they are kinda useless.
  • Nice idea in reply to The Dreamhack community meeting topic ! by Lineste

    I don't think I will make it to DH this year.
  • This GSL season in reply to GSL - WCS Korea Season 1 - Code S by Riuna

    I don't like it. I don't like it at all! All my favorite players drop..... I think I need a new sport to follow... like chess.... or farmville pro T-T
  • Nice post in reply to EU Friendly Games & Practice Partners by Moomintroll

    But could you maybe put the player list into a spoiler to make the post a bit shorter?
  • Just so you don't miss it in reply to Jaedong vs Flash by Newbdizzle

    If you are awake/not at work/school at this time:
  • What in reply to Is that better? by LordMatsu

    is? Cause your link still gets me to the code S groups....
  • Making in reply to I meant by LordMatsu

    The Team Liquid's Schedule into a link that links to Liquipedias Code S entry is a wee bit confusing.
  • Erm in reply to I get dem by LordMatsu

    Call me stupid, but that is not the Team Liquid Schedule I think...
  • I could tell you when in reply to Jaedong vs Flash by Newbdizzle

    or I could tell you how....how is: Jaedong is on team EG_TL and Flash is on team KT_Rolster.
  • I have to in reply to Omg that TvT by LordMatsu

    add two more players to my fangirling list: Fantasy and True! Dayyyuuum I liked their games!
  • Wow... in reply to Really? by Scav

    You are juggling numbers as if 60 bucks more or less a year don't count. If you end every month with exactly 0 or less money (in whatever currency you have) those 5 bucks can be a week of noodles ...
  • Kim Sarang - Loser in reply to The Day[9] Music Librarium! by M15CH13F

    I just got stuck on this today. ♥
  • Send in reply to Funday monday replay by hazelkitty

    a mail with the replay attached and a VERY SHORT description of the game to:
  • I'm tired in reply to Cuteness Thread by ntucker

  • I totally in reply to I am by Riuna

    did not expect that. D: Wow.... I underestimated AxiomAcer a LOT! GG wp though. :)
  • Is that in reply to I thought by Karma

    a team? I thought they were sponsoring him directly.