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  • Anti-Sean in reply to All about Anti-Sean by Bontage

    Has never crashed a go-kart at all, much less in a way that broke his foot.
  • No clue really in reply to Your strengths, your weaknesses - and a proposal. by Akanta

    1. Excellence. Its kind of a cop-out answer, but I tend to excel at whatever I put my mind to. I enjoy history, and I know a great deal of history in great detail from the Fall of Rome up ...
  • Add me yo in reply to Need friends? by Zicarios

    On Skype at SaintEaon laddering in silence is very boring.
  • Morroblivion

    Not sure if anyone's actually felt this way or not but I figured I'd post it up, I've been playing Skyrim recently because I like the Elder Scrolls and just couldn't shake how shallow the game felt in comparison to ...
  • Mechanically Excellent in reply to Back and forth by SNSDGG

    As a HerO tryhard fanboy, when I open up off of 1gate expand into 3 gate pressure using the Mothership core to spot to pick off the occasional supply depot, or upgrade, or marine or two, and spot the drops, ...
  • Thanks but... in reply to [H] PvT Timings Needed by SaintEaon

    I thought about it, and I decided I played 120 games last week focusing on getting my mechanics better. They didn't rely on scouting certain openings or adjusting to anything weird. I just did my own style that felt good ...
  • [H] PvT Timings Needed

    Okay so I don't really have any replays, but I will say I need some timings to use as Protoss against Terran. Long story short, I'm playing in a small community run tournament and I've been getting only PvT for ...
  • Don't worry about the time, we'd be glad to have you. in reply to Interested by Droopykiller

    Like I said above the time commitment is extreme for people who aren't played to play and I wont expect you to keep up on it. I'm also a Plat Protoss so chances are if you talk to me on ...
  • Hopefully a bit more info in reply to Joining by pure27

    The 8-12 Hours is really hardcore and I don't expect people to be able to put that much into it everyday, though if you can more power to you. Personally I aim for about 4 hours of Ladder a day ...
  • Teamless Players

    In the words of the Warrior Poets The Big Tymer's "Sup, fresh is our return baby." I am SaintEaon and my Starcraft 2 Team, Infinite Nation has decided after a decent period of inactivity to start playing again and trying ...
  • Ideas for making $3,500 relatively fast

    I'll be short and sweet about it, I was an idiot and managed to damage most of my teeth and I already spent about 2,000 bucks fixing them, but I still need some post-operation work/restorative work done and that means ...
  • 90% Winrate vs Terran in Platinum in reply to TvP help needed (Gold level) by DaveSprite

    So I am a Protoss and I have on average between an 80-90% winrate vs Terran when I play them. PvT is my favorite match up, and since we're close to the same level I can tell you what I ...