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  • Thanks! in reply to How Zerg Works by StarsKri

    I appreciate everything you told me here man! It's really useful to know how to play safely against each race. Thanks a lot!
  • I am kinda busy for the next few days in reply to servers by LegoSpartan

    I have quite a lot to do during the next days, I usually can play during Sean's streams as I wake up at 5 easily, but I could use your time zone so I can know when we can play ...
  • Europe in reply to server by LegoSpartan

    I guess it isnt with nordic or west or so, but if it is it's East. I have no problem playing on American servers though, my ping is really good there.
  • Scav 317 in reply to A Micro Practice Partner by LegoSpartan

    Add me on SC2 and give me a sign whenever you see me online. I would be glad to help!
  • Safe Zerg Strategy

    Hello everyone! I am an usual protoss player, but I figured I wanted to learn the other races too a little bit. With terran I have some experience and the first safe build I tried that was recommended to me ...
  • I'd love to but.. in reply to Operation: Too Much Free Time by nitroviper

    There must be a but, mustn't it? I live in Europe, GMT +2 more specifically, and I expect that your session from 6-10 pm would mean a session from 4 to 8 am on my behalf. No problem with that, ...
  • Really? in reply to Let's try this again (my slow internet connection ate my response)... by Kai.Herbertz

    Even a homeless person has 60 bucks to spare every year. You earn 30 bucks every year by finding them on the ground. Think about one thing - instead of eating at a fast food at one time in one ...
  • Thief: Deadly Shadows in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    I think that Thief would be a nice experience, something out of the ordinary for Day9 to try out. A third/first person action game, based on stealth and deceiving, cunning and intelligence. You sure have a lot to admire about ...