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  • I miss the format of the old "Day[9] Daily"

    I want to make it clear from the start that I am neither complaining nor am I suggesting that I do not enjoy things like the "Decktacular" or "Mostly Walking". I have been a fan of Day[9]tv for over 6 ...
  • Day[9] Community Members Who Watch The Blacklist

    I am just curious if anyone here enjoys The Blacklist as much as I do. If so, I'd love to discuss theories and do some post-episode diagnostics. This has nothing to do with Starcraft, but I felt like throwing it ...
  • FTL in reply to Thanks Sean for the epic gaming :) by Barlum

    Although I didn't buy Dark Souls in particular after watching Sean play it, I have definitely bought other games solely because of Day[9]'s day off. In fact, I discovered Faster Than Light (now one of my favorite games of all ...
  • Great Stuff in reply to LemonCrow Let's Play by LemonCrow

    LemonCrow, I'll just say that I'm not a huge fan of horror games, primarily because it's difficult to play from underneath your desk without looking at the screen. However, I think that you have a great personality and a great ...
  • Very Interesting in reply to Interesting article on the difficulty of math by BorgLeader

    I totally agree with this article in that people have an unreasonable hatred and fear of math and believe that it is an unconquerable obstacle that they can never hope to overcome. I also find it interesting that it is ...
  • Genius Theory and Video Games

    I recently read Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and found out about the concept of the "genius theory" or the "10,000-hour rule". Essentially, Gladwell says that any person can become an expert at in any field by spending approximately 10,000 hours ...
  • Great opportunity here in reply to Awesomeness by printf

    I certainly agree that Sean should only produce content that he wants to produce. I do think that he has an amazing opportunity to share his knowledge and inspire others since he is such a great teacher. As you said, ...
  • I agree in reply to wow by Namtaru

    He does such a good job of explaining advanced topics to people who have no idea what he is talking about. Being that he is a math major, I feel like there would be plenty of mind-blowing things for him ...
  • Day[9] Physics and Mathematics Content

    As we all know, Sean does an exceptional job providing entertaining video game content as well as the occasional "story time". However, Sean also produces videos regarding advanced mathematical theories and physics concepts that I find incredibly interesting. One of ...