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  • Good read

    # Website is good in general. Maybe it might help someone realize some things, who knows.
  • Lol in reply to Lots of wiki links. by Hyperlynx

    Maybe hes jewish?

    Screeps is an "MMO" where you program your own robot army who needs to harvest resources and defend from other players (and also ATTACK!) The game uses javascript and is an excellent way for anyone interested in learning programming or ...
  • I've seen taw before in reply to The Art of Warfare Clan is Recruiting by DayofDreamz

    their arma group is very... awkward... beware though, if you join these guys, most likely they are extremely hardcore, and require lots of commitment. Arma group had way too much, had more you had to do than the actual military.
  • Some edits in reply to Would you want to buy one of these? by Balgrin

    Make it about half as big, as a necklace sort of thing instead. find a way to make a few hundred. would work really well.
  • From what I have been reading. in reply to Our Progress on Each by Day9

    The game you are describing might have a big problem with keeping people playing. Something starcraft did very well was provide a great deal of tension that can even be too much for some people (ladder anxiety) but offers a ...
  • Noted :D in reply to Losses or wins doesn't matter by Kleinschmidt.Jeff

    will do! by tommorow should have a few more games up. :) thanks!
  • Haven't had many good games recently in reply to More replays? by Kleinschmidt.Jeff

    Haven't had too many games that weren't peepmode. I will ladder a ton today though, see if I can't rack up some losses against protoss.
  • nice feedback in reply to word! by Kleinschmidt.Jeff

    I love your feedback, any chance you could take a look at my post? (TvP *Gold*) and watch the replay? TvP is the only matchup been having lots of problems with..
  • [H] TvP *Gold*

    I watch pro-streams and such and I think I'm using the correct composition from what I saw, not sure about the tanks though. I have a replay of a recent TvP game, I macroed decently, not too good though, at ...
  • Some things I noticed! :D in reply to Noobie zerg by MadMike

    1st overlord - Goes to his base, or clockwise depending on the map. After you see him you can either check around his base more or go behind his natural's mineral line or some hard to get to spot.2nd overlord ...