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  • Hypity Hype Hype! in reply to NaNoWriMo Begins Today! by 1opinionated

    Indeed all the creative HYPE!!!
  • Totally still a thing in reply to Is this still a thing? by TheFoilist

    I've been terrible about pinging this thread each week, but we're still hanging out each week. :D You will have to keep an eye on G+ for me to post the link or ping me privately on twitter or google ...
  • Goldens in reply to . by Esgetn2hoT

    My two cents on the golden cards: I think the issue is really that people invested time/money into getting rare cards that they believed they would always play. The idea is that if they'd known that these cards would eventually ...
  • Upload Issues in reply to 2nd Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void day off archive by zeek

    Hey sorry for the delay! It looks like there were issues getting some of the parts to upload to YouTube. I think we have them worked out now, so the remaining parts should get posted soon!
  • We're Trying in reply to Day9 Archives from BLIP.TV? by buu

    The process is ongoing. We'll update you as soon as we have information to share! Sorry!
  • This week's Hangout is live! in reply to DayKnight Writer's Hangout by SteppeLively

    Sorry for anybody just now trying to join us! The process has changed and I've not had an opportunity to update this thread yet. The link to the hangout has been published to my NaNoKnights circle on G+. If you're ...
  • Not muted! in reply to Well, that's unfortunate by Waumpel

    The video itself isn't actually muted (thankfully) on either Twitch or YouTube. It's just apparently not playing in Germany. The Twitch VoD should be fine. I've not heard of any problems with the Twitch VoDs not playing.
  • I'm not sure how (suggestions anyone?) in reply to Video unavailable in Germany: Day[9]'s Day Off - Fallout 1 P19 by Waumpel

    The last video contains the ending credits which is where the music would be. We encountered a content matching issue with the very first video in the series because of the intro (which interestingly did not trigger the German side ...
  • Thanks for the heads up! in reply to Sound removed on Part 8 for Skyrim Playlist by novocode

    We'll look into it and see what we can do! It's easy for us to miss when some of the large archive suddenly gets muted (I swear it wasn't muted when we originally uploaded. :D ).
  • News about in reply to Videos not working by omgpuppies

    Here's a link with a little more of the details, but basically, was scheduled to shut down permanently yesterday. We are in the process of recovering the files and shifting the full archive to youtube. Thank you for your ...
  • Going Live Momentarily!! in reply to DayKnight Writer's Hangout by SteppeLively

    We'll be live soon! Come pop in and hang out! :D
  • Once Again I'm Terrible in reply to DayKnight Writer's Hangout by SteppeLively

    And made no effort to bump the hangout this week. But we're live if any care to join me!!! :D
  • I still wish for a way to +1 things here in reply to I solemnly swear... by 1opinionated

    Because that was awesome. :D
  • Hanging out tonight folks! in reply to DayKnight Writer's Hangout by SteppeLively

    If you've been on twitter, you know that the last week has been very interesting to say the least, but I fully intend to make this hangout tonight happen (even if I'm on my laptop as I was for D&D ...
  • No Tornadoes This Week! in reply to DayKnight Writer's Hangout by SteppeLively

    I do have the hangout live, from comfort of my office even. :D
  • Let's get this party started!!! in reply to Day9 Book Club Discussion [Spoilers] - Storm Front by ijames428

    Okay, so I'll start with my first impressions! I enjoyed the pacing of the novel, and even though I saw the various threads of the plot weaving together from the beginning, I felt that Butcher did a pretty good job ...
  • July Approacheth! in reply to DayKnight Writer's Hangout by SteppeLively

    Again, I'm slow on the update this week (editing is killing me). But we're live and hanging out!
  • Really happening in reply to DayKnight Writer's Hangout by SteppeLively

    I swear. In about 15 minutes, I will start the G+ hangout. Join us if you'd like!!!
  • Ooooh, another Camp approaches!!! in reply to DayKnight Writer's Hangout by SteppeLively

    So Camp NaNoWriMo the July edition approaches quickly, and we should totally discuss this and figure out what we want to do. An interesting proposition was made last week during the hangout (see the next most recent post here), and ...
  • This could be interesting in reply to Hmm by idlesatire

    I'd personally love to compare the experience of reading the graphic adaptation versus the novel. For me, the idea that the graphic adaptation was published later would lend itself to the author being able to edit to make it better ...