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  • Couple of answers in reply to Important Detail by olevam

    So long as you are not selling/trading the keys, feel free to share them (privately of course). We do not currently have DM features on but you can always use twitch or battlenet to connect privately!
  • Did you know April starts next week? in reply to DayKnight Writer's Hangout by SteppeLively

    And I think I'm going to be changing what I am doing for camp nanowrimo! Shock of shocks! Come hang out with us and find out why! (all the mystery???? Am I doing it right???) I'll see everyone tonight!
  • I'm a Stupid Cat in reply to The goodness post box by mirrageofhope

    Those on twitter may have already seen me post this, but still, gotta add this: I'm a Stupid Cat:
  • Gotta Say in reply to Favorite thing by Day_Cookie

    I'm definitely a fan when the swears come out in a massive stream as well. Too much fun. :D I aspire to be able to conduct that stream myself someday, lol.
  • Bam! in reply to Needs moar spellpower by manbon

    Moved. :D
  • What about Archon Mode? in reply to RIP me by zeek

    Do you think that will provide a place for the macro/micro to live together in harmony??
  • Energy Cost in reply to Battlecruisers by Gurthang

    They mentioned that the cost to jump would be massive, so perhaps that would work to balance? I suppose we'll see.
  • +100 in reply to My Concern... by Sleet

    (so much better than just a +1). I hope you get that key day 1 for sure!!! :D
  • Legacy of the Void: Beta Preview!!!

    In case you missed the post today, here it is! Blizzard starts sending out closed beta keys March 31, and I'd love to hear what you all are most excited for!!!
  • We have a Camp NaNo Cabin!!! in reply to DayKnight Writer's Hangout by SteppeLively

    Okay, so I'm a little late on the update this week, but we definitely have a cabin, and if you want in, there's still room! Just let me know what your Camp NaNoWriMo screen name is, and be sure you ...
  • Brevity in reply to About Sean in Business Insider by Simnil33

    I think the issue is that the article was short. If it had been longer, I am sure there would have been a more in depth analysis of accessibility. That said, I think the discussion was pretty balanced between basketball ...
  • Welcome! and I moved the post. :D in reply to Day9 Day off by Sh00rs1gn

    First, welcome to the forums! Second, I just went ahead and moved the post to the other games forum since you're asking about Ori and the Blind Forest.
  • Ooops!!! Fixing it now!! in reply to Grim Fandango by Krylo2000

    Thanks for the heads up! And I moved the thread to the feedback forum. :D
  • Twitch Chat is always going in reply to Running chat for Day9tv by GrimButtocks

    So if people are in there, you can always ask. There is also the DayKnight Raidcall which will sometimes have people in there you can ask as well. I know when I pop into Twitch IRC, there are usually some ...
  • A couple of thoughts...also moved thread in reply to Hearthstone tools by zdijn

    First, the easy bit...I moved the thread to the Hearthstone Forum! Second, I think any tools that contribute to long term learning and success are fair play, but that's me. I generally use them to learn how to do it ...
  • Tonight!!!! in reply to DayKnight Writer's Hangout by SteppeLively

    Much excitement as always for the hangout tonight! Come join and chat (and maybe join a CampNaNo cabin????) :D
  • Sorry for my slow!!! in reply to Camp Cabin? by jetlag620

    I think a dayKnight cabin is a brilliant plan! Do I have you in G+ so I can be sure to get you in the hangout tonight and we can work on getting set up? :D
  • Do I have you on G+??? in reply to Count me in! by 1opinionated

    I just want to check to make sure you get the invitation tonight!
  • Welcome to March! in reply to DayKnight Writer's Hangout by SteppeLively

    And Camp NaNoWriMo is coming in April, so if you're interested in what that's all about, feel free to join us tonight and ask all the questions!
  • Hey!!!! Tonight!!! in reply to SILLY SUNDAY HEROES OF THE STORM SHOWMATCHES by GMFaustus

    This is gonna be so amazing. I hope everyone makes it!!! Oh yeah, and by "tonight" I mean in 20 minutes or so. :D #Hype