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  • New 1st Place! in reply to Fastest Max!!!! - Terran by SteppeLively

    Mark Murphy takes the lead thanks to reactored barracks!!!!
  • You're not doing anything wrong... in reply to Q about replay availability by Pollux

    The videos haven't all migrated to YouTube yet! They'll be up soon!
  • No change in the last 24 hours! in reply to Fastest Max!!!! - Terran by SteppeLively

    Will Michael Townsend be left to leisurely take 1st place? What other builds are yielding results? What are your plans to take the top slot?
  • New Leader in reply to Fastest Max!!!! - Terran by SteppeLively

    Michael Townsend pulls ahead to first place! Jason Papadimitrios's build seems to be the way to go!
  • Yay! in reply to Trudging along by Scoob

    I'm glad you're improving! Sometimes we just need these challenges to get us to buckle down and break through our plateaus! Congrats!
  • We have a new contender! in reply to Fastest Max!!!! - Terran by SteppeLively

    A new 2nd place time! You all are doing awesome! Even those who aren't cranking out these insane short times are improving! You all rock!
  • Day[9] Daily PreShow Video!

    Welcome to the BEST DAY OF THE WEEK! Subscribers now have instant access to VODs when the Daily ends, and this week we sent them access to a short compilation video of pre-show awesome that gets edited out before VODs ...
  • The Times They Are A Changing! in reply to Fastest Max!!!! - Terran by SteppeLively

    Check out the new top times! There's a tie now for 3rd place! Let's watch those times drop!
  • Clarification Granted! in reply to Fastest Max!!!! - Terran by SteppeLively

    As it turns out, Day[9] is fine with Resume from Replay for this challenge! (No promises about the future, lol). Also, you may play on whatever game speed you prefer! I'll update the OP with the clarifications! Thanks everyone for ...
  • I'm Going to Confirm with Day[9] in reply to Clarification Needed** by AquaMarine

    For now, I'm going with no RFR. I'm fairly certain on that one. For game speeds, I'd err on the side of faster game speeds, but, as I said I will confer with Day[9] for the final ruling. We'll have ...
  • Still Tied!!!! in reply to Fastest Max!!!! - Terran by SteppeLively

    We still have a tie for first place! Can anyone beat the fastest times of Anders Cridlan or Murfdawgg??? How about Bobby Hines hanging out in third place? Keep going!!!!!!
  • Not sure exactly.... in reply to the thumbaround by khaoz

    I know I had it down by the end of freshman year, but that was more than 10 years ago now, so I can't really be more specific than that. I pretty much did it the whole time during history ...
  • Ahh the Thumbaround in reply to Pen Spinning by Iota

    The only trick I know (and not the reverse), the thumbaround got me through freshman history in high school. I felt sorry for the guys sitting next to me in class as I kept hitting him trying to learn how ...
  • New Leaders! in reply to Fastest Max!!!! - Terran by SteppeLively

    We have a tie for 1st place currently! Keep it going! The weekend awaits!
  • First Rankings are in! in reply to Fastest Max!!!! - Terran by SteppeLively

    I've updated the rankings with the times to beat! You all are ca-ra-zy!
  • Ask and you shall receive! in reply to no way! by prometheus0099

    :D The first one is now up! The thread is here. I'll be sure to also update this thread with links to the current activities!
  • Fastest Max!!!! - Terran

    If you haven't seen, I'm Stephanie, Day[9]'s new community manager, and I have all kinds of great things to give away to everyone! See this thread for a look at just how much there is!
  • As A Matter of Fact in reply to Talking about activities by mirrageofhope

    I was just updating that thread with that information! You can find the info here!
  • Winners Announced! in reply to The Day[9] Subscriber StarCraft Sticky Note Mural Contest! by Day9

    Sorry for the long wait! The submissions were awesome! Yes, there are 2 third-place winners as Day[9] couldn't decide which he liked more! I will be contacting the winners soon to get your shipping information, so I can send you ...
  • Megablocks Battlecruiser! in reply to Aww by Scoob

    Exclusive numbered editions of the StarCraft Battlecruiser in Megablocks form!