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  • I Have ALL the Swag! And I want to share!

    Hey Everybody! I'm Stephanie, Day[9]'s new community manager! I met some of you in person at the community launch, and of course everyone was amazing!
  • I'm a 90s person in reply to What was the best Gaming Decade? by krisna.siv

    Early 90s that is. This is mostly nostalgia to be sure, but in general the leaps and bounds of advancement of the games should not be discounted. :)
  • Details in reply to More detail by ntucker

    They show up when I create the response, but disappear when I save.
  • Weird Spacing Issue

    This is the first time it's happened to me, but when I reply to someone, the spaces between my paragraphs get deleted. I will get space between my first and second paragraphs, but no spaces after that. I use Google ...
  • Totally Understand in reply to Good points by shindigs

    And I actually love that it's framed for non SC2 readers (totally looked at the links!).
  • Can I make a suggestion? in reply to Widow Mine Math by shindigs

    And preface it with the statement that this is really freaking cool.
  • Send an email in reply to Didn't receive ;( by Eeeegor

    To and include your twitch email and username! The staff will get it sorted out!
  • Pedagogy in reply to Teaching video-games by Riuna

    One thing that seems to often get overlooked when considering how/if to teach someone a skill is the issue of pedagogy. Teaching is, in fact, more than simply knowing the material at hand. There are some people who are bright, ...
  • More Kevin in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past by Day9

    Kevin is amazing. I vote Kevin join Day[9] every week (if he's available of course). The banter between the two is awesome!