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  • Its Baaaaack!! in reply to Mostly Walking - Syberia - Day 3 by Day9

  • I dont have you on bnet! :( in reply to That is so nice! by dinnerdoggy

    You missed out a number on your battle tag, I cant add you! Lemme know the full tag and lets play some games ^_^
  • I Have Cho Gall, Let Me Give Em To You! (Heroes Of The Storm)

    Thanks to an incredibly kind human, I now have cho gall! Cho gall is a 2 player hero and anyone that doesnt have the character unlocked can unlock him by playing with someone who does, so if you want em ...
  • Casual try hard, kiwi streamer, always looking for new friends! in reply to DayKnight Hearthstone Friends List (NA) by Bedouin

    Real name: Tyron BattleTag: StrykerTen#6775 Voice chat: Discord, skype, teamspeak Playstyle: I mostly play arena though when I play constructed its the silliest things I can think of most of the time, serious tournament practice with whatevers best sometimes
  • Play Videogames With Meeee! (Rocket League)

    None of my RL friends play rocket league, DayKnights, I need you! I am solidly average at rocket league and just wanting to have a good time, any skill level is welcome! If you can play videogames between 1pm PST ...
  • Sounds Cool in reply to Looking for Tabletop RPG Players for Stream by NethyR

    I have been interested in getting into tabletop RPGs for awhile, but cant get enough friends together to do it, so this sounds pretty cool
  • Careful With Jaraxxus in reply to Ty 4 the answers! by KarelTheTossMaster

    Handlock is hard yo! haha. Playing jaraxxus is such a scary thing as a handlock, even when you have both your healbots. Being capped at 15 health is just such a terrifying thing. The most obvious example is the druid ...
  • Oceanic Hearthstone Tournament Starting 18th April

    We have another oceanic hearthstone tournament on this month, so I thought I would let my fellow Dayknights know while there is still time to sign up. Anyone in the oceanic area (New Zealand and Australia) is able to sign ...
  • I don think so in reply to You tried hard by Day_Cookie

    But there will be another tournament in a few weeks, it looks like it is going to be a monthly event from now on which is pretty cool. It also seems like there is a lot of player interest, it ...
  • Kocked Out In The Semis in reply to Mythic Heart Of The Cards Tournament by StrykerTen

    I did my best, I tried to bring it home for the dayknights but I failed, forgive me!
  • Live Stream Starting Soon in reply to Mythic Heart Of The Cards Tournament by StrykerTen

    Live stream for the round of 8 starts in about 3 hours or so, and not to brag, but I just so happen to be in said round of 8 haha. Come check it out if anyone is interested
  • Oh Snap in reply to Mythic Heart Of The Cards Tournament by StrykerTen

    This tournament just got confirmed as a world championship qualifiers, HYPE!
  • Hell Yeah in reply to Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular #84 - Derpy Beatdown Paladin by Day9

    I have been running this deck for a while, its hilarious, lots of fun haha
  • Mythic Heart Of The Cards Tournament

    Mythic is putting on a SEA tournament this weekend with the goal of growing the SEA gaming scene by providing some more regular tournaments for SEA players. The semi finals and finals will all be streamed so it would be ...
  • Blackrock Mountain Hype!

    General thread for talking about the new adventure, what do people think? Like the theme? The cards that have been announced so far? What are people most excited about for this new adventure?
  • Americans in reply to 3.14.15 on the horizon... by NateL1884

    And your weird back to front dates haha
  • Spelling in reply to Sudoku by bronzeager

    You seem to have misspelled former
  • Thank You Day9

    I am a bit hesitant to post this as it is not really productive content for the forum, but I just really want to thank you. After a sudden surgery I found myself stuck in the hospital for a decent ...
  • Pretty Sure Only Minions Will Be Legends in reply to Legendary Cards in hearthstone by Meridian

    Legendaries are all minions based on actual legendary characters in the warcraft lore. There are not really any legendary spells in warcraft, so that makes it challenging. Furthermore currently there are no neutral spells, they are all class specific. Adding ...
  • Careful When Changing This Deck in reply to Hearthstone help by Wyrm

    This is a very, very hard deck to try and change, very hard. It needs pretty much all of the cards that are in there. The wild pyro specifically is great with innervate, wrath, sometimes naturalize, healing touch, swipe and ...