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  • Wow in reply to Sorry! by Kitty4Cat

    I somehow just skimmed passed this... Sorry :(note to self: math homework and day9 is a bad idea.But, this isn't actually the video I was talking about... He says a bunch of other spoilers and the quote "These are just ...
  • Okay... in reply to ahah! by Kitty4Cat

    Uhm, are you sure it's in this one? I just watched all of part 2 and got nothing. haha.
  • I Love you. in reply to Here! by Kitty4Cat

    You are literally the best person in the world. For anyone that reads this.... it wasn't quite the video I was looking for.
  • Help me find a Day[9] video

    Day[9] starts off by "spoiling" who won gsl or dreamhack or something... then goes on to say "these are just things you should know by now" like "aeris dies at the end of ff7" etc.
  • Defend against fast pheonix

    I just found myself in a game where i felt like I was constantly under pressure. My opponent got a fast 3 phoenixes and started harassing me. I was able to hold it off just fine by putting stalkers around ...