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  • Damn it its as if im playing against a cthun deck in forums... GG in reply to Your minions will abandon you by Frag-ile

  • upon further review in reply to Imo by SyBuddy

    i found this in the web a wiki on shekel
  • Imo in reply to "Shekelhoarder" by Hyperlynx

    In my opinion since you say "shekel" Is a unit of currency in isreal and Hoarder means some one who collects alot of ... i fail to see the anti semitic at all where did Your qoute of "Greedy money...." ...
  • Try my Dragon Hunter deck

    ok so i just opened a pack from wotog and got a deathwing dragon lord so i decided to make an all out dragon hunter deck and it has worked/ is working really well for me thus far...
  • true in reply to Not that bad by CommunistScum

    idk imo cthun decks have the best curve for aggro decks and also imo its a very very aggro-E deck lol but i have yet to actually hunker down and buy a good size set of packs for the new ...
  • Who Else hates cthun decks?

    its probably just me but i hate cthun decks for this reason as i percieve it. almost all cthun decks are entirely the same and the cards to boost cthun just seem really op for there mana costs i just ...
  • The Gameplay and Mechanics are solid But visuals.. in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - Rainbow Six: Siege w/ JP by Day9

    I was really excited about this game when it was announced but then when it was launched i was feeling it was Way overpriced for basically and online only game no singleplayer what so ever and the Fing Textures are ...
  • Soma Hy-Puh!!!! in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - SOMA by Day9

    Soma Hy-Puh!!!! lol i knew the day-Loompahs would eventually get day9 to come around. by the way Day-Loompahs are tiny microscopic people who were discovered by Manfred,Sherrif,and desby that make Day9's computer, monitor keyboard and mouse work, the are essientially ...