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  • Yayyy in reply to Thanks by WHiT3R4bBiT

    Aw, cool, yeah seriously, thanks for taking time to specifically respond to this thread!
  • I don't think so in reply to Did i miss anything? by fearqotsa

    Yeah it's weird, I mean, I tune in pretty frequently and I haven't heard anything. No announcements via FB, Twitter and the like either. Maybe someone should ask him onstream one day? I dunno. Shame though, I wanna read that ...
  • Right? in reply to some are pretty good by fearqotsa

    I'd really like to know which one they thought was the best one.
  • So... in reply to So... who won? by TCJonny

    how long do we realize they've already declared a winner?
  • Oh man in reply to they said it could take several days, so might still be a while. by fearqotsa

    The suspense is killing me
  • So... who won?

    Who won the Fallout 4 poetry contest? Share your poem with us!
  • Journey in reply to Fallout 4 Contest 5 for NVIDIA 980Ti - Fallout Poem by WHiT3R4bBiT

    Our adventure starts when he goes live, a strange thought, an interesting design, that our purpose here is to watch someone else play the game, like we're watching someone else paint, and it seems kind of silly.