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  • Paly-gos Dragon Pally! xD

    Hey guys! It's been a while since I've posted, but I've been playing around with the Dragon Pally concept again and came up with a fun deck! Paly-gos!
  • Dragon Paladin, Revisited

    Hey Day Knights! I've been pretty excited about the launch of TGT, as I am sure many of you are. It's opened up some new possibilities and I decided to give Dragon Paladin another go. Below is a link to ...
  • Hunter Death Rattle Party!

    Hey everyone! It's me again. First, let me say I love GvG: the new set has made the game infinitely more fun to play again. I also love some of the new deathrattle cards they added including (but not limited ...
  • Fun Hunter Deck Idea: Hey, Catch!

    Hey everyone! It's been a while since I posted anything, but I received a lot of good feedback from my other deck postings (thanks all!), and since I was playing around with a fun hunter deck idea, I thought I'd ...
  • Death Knight 2.0 (Deathrattle/Paladin)

    Hey guys! Well I just finished up the Construct Quarter of Naxx and decided to do some more work on my Death Knight theme deck. I've actually had some reasonable success, got up to rank 15 with this thing. Not ...
  • Pally Death Rattle Deck

    Hey guys! Been a while since I posted, but I have this fun little deck I made after completing the Military Quarter of Naxx and was hoping to get other people's opinion on it. I'm calling it Death Knight, and ...
  • Frostfire 8.0 in reply to So, I'm at it again...this time, with Mage! XD by Tennyson1842

    Here's the most recent incarnation of this deck. It probably won't get me very high up the ladder, but it is pretty fun. Took out mana wyrm and added Wild Pyro for extra board clear. works well with frost nova ...
  • Yeah Nat Pagle sucks. in reply to I'm not a mage player but.. by saintgeminis

    Nat only ever consistently did one thing well: acting as a soft taunt. I've recently gotten rid of him. I like ice lance simply because it pairs well with Gadget+Sorcerer's apprentice. it's also super handy and cheap removal since I ...
  • Good question. in reply to Win condition by Xtc

    Alexstrasza (sp?) helps. I've since gotten rid of Ragnaros and Nat Pagle and added a couple of Mountain Giants. Most of my other creatures get a couple of hits in before the end game, which helps chip away at my ...
  • So, I'm at it again...this time, with Mage! XD in reply to Pretty nice deck thus far by CaptainGimpy

    Eh...it's been doing okay. It does pretty well against handlock and ramp. What I find usually happens is I end up fighting most decks till the very end with my deck all drawn up, and the end result depends on ...
  • So, I'm at it again...this time, with Mage! XD

    So I've been working on a Mage deck. Taking some of the lessons I learned from working on my druid deck, I was working to try and make the deck reasonably withstand all the rush decks I'd been having trouble ...
  • Working on Druid Control in reply to Overall feedback by Alameda

    Yeah, looking back, the deck isn't very focused. I'll give that a try
  • Working on Druid Control in reply to Agreed by Alameda

    I did end up adding auctioneer, and it is FANTASTIC! Such a good change. Yeah, I'm starting to wonder whether the WOW (wow as in an exclamation, not World of Warcraft...erhmm..moving on) factor of legendaries isn't getting in the way ...
  • Working on Druid Control in reply to My feedback by XIV

    Hmmm. Good points. I have been seeing a lot of wild growth lately. I was sort of on the fence about WG, but considering the end goal of the deck, it makes sense. Even if I get it late game, ...
  • Working on Druid Control

    Hey guys, first time posting. I've been working on a Druid Control deck for a while now. The idea is this: Survive and manage the board until getting to the late game and finishing them with tough dudes. To that ...