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  • What happened to Newbie Tuesday?

    Sean has teased the return of Newbie Tuesday a few times since the new year, yet there is nothing. I am sad because I think a lot of the old ones aren't really applicable now given how much the meta ...
  • This is why I hate cracked in reply to For once a cracked article I disagree with by Gameroo

    It's a bunch of smart ass guys mocking everyone. Such a negative, depressing site IMO.
  • Feel like this has been suggested already in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    but Day9 should play the SC1 and BW campaigns.
  • I am a platinum player who recently switched to random in reply to help for you random folks out there by prometheus0099

    I would say the main thing is to focus on mechanics and macro (assuming you know the hotkeys and functions of the units of all three races).The main thing that is helping me is to watch lots of pro VODs ...
  • Well in reply to Powercheese wins too much by Artisian

    Sometime the fail games are the best part of the dail.
  • Obviously in reply to I mean by LordMatsu

    Mind-boggling crazy games are why we watch the funday monday XD That said, I think my submissions fit that description. We'll see, he's been lenient in the past!
  • Aww in reply to That may be true by LordMatsu

    Me and partner did some awesome games, but I (as the powering player) did make some units before double expand. Not a ton, mind you. Still, the submissions were awesome *fingers crossed*.
  • Anyone that is interested just message me in reply to Funday Monday Partner Thread! by Day9

    I'll cheese or power as Terran, and send the replay to Day9.Message me on the NA server ThePeon #601 :)
  • Don't be too passive in reply to TvT Alternative's by WiggyBennett

    Just a thought from a platinum Terran: you could try to contain your opponent instead of pushing, and then defeat him in a war of attrition with your greater income and production. Maybe try to incorporate ravens and seeker missiles ...
  • You clearly don't understand why Warhounds are underpowered in reply to Suggestions for Warhound Balance by jbigg2012

    Simply put, every shot from a Warhound needs to be the equivalent of a nuclear missile with the attack range of a tempest and no friendly fire. All the other changes you suggest would not make the Warhound strong enough ...
  • A Funday Monday in reply to "Day9 Daily Hotline, how can I help you?" by Riuna

    There's a Funday Monday where in what I think was the last game the daily viewer talking about how it feels like monday. The opponent doesn't believe him at first, but then is convinced that it is monday and leaves ...
  • Here it is! in reply to Which Daily was Day9 talking about anime? by topsecret221

    # #533 Skytoss
  • Update! in reply to I've hit a skill plateau by ThePeon

    Thanks all for the advice! It must of inspired something insided of me, because now, in HoTS, I am a mid-platinum player. I feel stuck again, but now I'm more confident that I can improve.
  • Yeah in reply to Well... by Bjoern_Thuesen

    I figured that, though Twitch's search function isn't the best... I'm sure I'll find them.
  • Alrighty in reply to SCII Tourney - Prodigy Cup HoTS by LordMatsu

    I think I'm going to push through some of my initial anxiety and sign-up to play in this one.By the way, I was looking for the finals VODs to the platinum and diamond tourney from the first Prodigy Cup and ...
  • Great Tournament in reply to MLG Winter Championship by Riuna

    This was the first SC2 tournament I watched from beginning to end, and I must say that it was epic. Yes, terran is probably a bit OP (although we'll see how the metagame develops, maybe they won't be in a ...
  • Well in reply to Life wins without using a single HoTs unit by thomas.sutton1

    Life used vipers much more in previous ZvT matches, iirc.Though you're right that he barely used them against Flash.
  • Why? in reply to Why do you subscribe? by WTJAG

    Because the daily is awesome, and because Day[9] does so much for e-sports and SC2.
  • A clever subversion of funday monday tropes in reply to Day[9] Daily #559 - Funday Monday: Best of the Beta by Day9

    Seriously, the lovable underdogs lose in part 2 to cheese, and victory isn't snatched from the jaws of defeat by building a building last minute in part 3.Seriously, we got three non-joke jokes in this daily (not complaining, it was ...
  • I don't beleive there is one in reply to Either that by LordMatsu

    Because HOTS is down next week, I think he'll just be casting that king of the hill thing he mentioned and not do a funday monday.