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  • You seem like a good writer in reply to Road to masters by IceBinki

    Sure, if you posted on a regular basis and had an interesting angle to each post, I think it would be fascinating.
  • Journey isn't really about the challenge in reply to I don't get it by zeek

    Journey is more about the, well, journey than the gameplay. The music, the visuals... the game really sucked me in and emotionally even though it didn't challenge my mind.
  • I missed the stream :-( in reply to SCII Tourney - Prodigy Cup I by LordMatsu

    Will the casts be posted?
  • Thank you in reply to a few things.. by cliff.tam

    I guess I've fallen into the trap of massing marines and "1-a"-ing into the opponent's base, which is enough against bronze players, but not higher-silver players!
  • Thanks in reply to Macro, Composition and Positioning by jppiedboeuf

    Yeah, the macro thing is so true. I've found that often it is so hard to notice macro deficiencies in-game and watching replays, even if you know in theory that your macro sucks!
  • For what it's worth... in reply to Finally got to Silver and everyone is cheesing.... by Twitch

    I'm a silver as well (though I am Terran), and while I can't give you specific advice, in general I've found that simply not panicking when being cheesed can help. Stay calm, keep macroing (though don't let yourself die!).
  • Yeah, I'm finding that out... in reply to More time... by MichaelAReed

    I have played quite a bit of SC2 over the past 2 years (I got to gold once last June, I believe, but then stopped playing for a few months), but never consistently, which I guess is the problem.I'm trying ...
  • Here's an example... in reply to Hard to say without replays.... by comradeoglivy

    Here's a TvZ (my worst match-up) I just played that is emblematic of my issues: get pinned in my three bases with his swarm hosts, zerglings, banelings, and infestors. I do some drop harass and overlord hunting with vikings ...
  • I've hit a skill plateau

    Hey all, I am a silver level Terran in need of some advice. Basically, I've been stuck in silver for weeks, with no sign of major improvements. I just can't seem to get past the top 25 level of my ...
  • It would be nice if he revistied the topics though... in reply to Should check through all the newbie tuesdays... by LordMatsu

    if only to give us more real examples.
  • Backstab Funday! in reply to Funday Monday Topics by Xdeathknight

    In a 3v3 or 4v4 on the ladder you must backstab and eliminate one of your allies at the 15 minute mark (or some other time) and announce it on all chat, preferably in the most theatrical way possible, before ...
  • Mayoral Simulation in reply to What kind of game would YOU make? by Day9

    Okay, I know this sounds boring, but picture this: a combination of a more advanced version of Sim City 4 and a Phoenix Wright-style interactive novel where you play as rough and tumble machiavellian city politician who has to keep ...
  • Me Too! in reply to Can't wait for it :) by B0rst1

    I too am a first time submitter. I wasn't going to but I just had an epic match where I came from behind with Mass-uh Battlecruisuhrs! :DEither way, I'm looking forward to this. The closest games of all time daily ...