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  • Identity RPG

    For those of you who prefer the internet over real life, I present to you your holy grail: Identity RPG. I'm mainly posting this to help the game gain some attention and premature backing. So here you go, here's the ...
  • One last thing in reply to Now that I've played a bit more... by TheProbeToss

    The story needs work. Period. I got bored trying to train and beat the first boss. What's my knowledge of the story in total? We crashed on the shore of a ship or something. I needed to talk to an ...
  • Now that I've played a bit more... in reply to Fun by TheProbeToss

    Now that I've played a bit more I've figured out the game's major flaw. There isn't enough to do. Essentially, if you want to progress, the only thing you can do is 5) Explore the Wilderness and face off against ...
  • Fun in reply to Text-Only Adventure/RPG Game [v0.9.5] by leonard.lindenau

    I've been enjoying myself playing it for the last how long. I do have a couple things that I would recommend. So far it seems like you can sit in a city, safe, and then go out into the wilderness ...
  • All of you... in reply to Petition to bring back Funday Monday by alex.morgun.1

    Anyone posting in the last couple days is obviously retarded/ and/ or not up to date with SC2. LotV was already announced. Its quite obvious that Sean will be getting an invite to the closed beta, we can expect more ...
  • There better be in reply to Both by Braiman

    If we see Sean abandon lurkers (We also better get a funday monday on that) then the end of sc2 and the world is imminent. However, this is incredibly unlikely because Sean gives birth to lurkers on a regular basis ...
  • This. in reply to well... more like... by KarelTheTossMaster

    The only correct statement.
  • Hmm... in reply to Petition to bring back Funday Monday by alex.morgun.1

    See, initially, I was thinking about how we shouldn't pressure Sean into doing Funday Monday because A) Its his show B) If he is being pressured into it, it isn't as fun. But I completely blasted A) out of the ...
  • I know... in reply to I felt the pain today. by GeneralPihota

    I decided I was going to take a break from laddering because I was getting so tilted that I wasn't able to improve. One mine shot can eradicate all of your zerglings... Zerglings have feelings too.
  • To be honest in reply to Thats not true by BeastlyDayKnight

    I wouldn't mind if Blizzard pulled a cheap shot on the LotV storyline and crushed Amon's plans halfway through the campaign. Then the other half could focus on the other races again, fighting for dominance in the sector. For example, ...
  • haha xD in reply to Calm down by BeastlyDayKnight

    Was so insanely hyped last night. This came out of nowhere and hit me in the face. I always thought the extension mod was OK and everything but never, EVER thought Blizzard would be intelligent enough to implement it into ...
  • Patch 2.1.4

    Or maybe its 2.4.1. WHO CARES? ITS FRIGGEN AWESOME. My first discovery in the test realm was that AI now has specific build orders for each race that you can choose! Have an issue with protoss all ins or terran ...
  • Yah.... in reply to 2 tactical options by zzz

    I understand the needs to get a surround and I definitely need to attempt this more often. However, baiting doesn't seem to work. They will sit outside of creep with their army (preventing me from spreading it) and then send ...
  • Diamond/ Platinum - Zerg vs. Terran - Widow Mine Problems

    Hello! I'm Probe and if you haven't seen me before I'm a high plat, low diamond player. Now, getting it out of the way now, platinum league ZvT I have no problem with. I assume this is because my opponents ...
  • Depends for me in reply to DayKnight Festival (Rescheduled) August 15th-17th! by GMFaustus

    If I am unlucky, I will have shit internet on that day with a crap computer and no time to myself. However ( :D ) if I am at home I have steaming capabilities with fantastic internet and a good ...
  • I see to not have been clear in reply to Feedback by printf

    My original intentions were to have it over the course of several weeks. For example, the DKTL would have a set of matches happen once per week. Instead, this could feature the gameplay as turns finish.
  • My shitdick in reply to New content inquiry! by Day9

    I have no idea what a thursday show could change to, but I'll be happy with it whatever you choose! :) But one thing is important: ༼ つ ◕_◕༽つ Don't change Monday or Riot ༼ つ ◕_◕༽つ LOL :3
  • 3 words... in reply to Guest appearances? by travis.willard.96

    Man of Bon = nuff said
  • LOL in reply to Rotating Shows by Kitty4Cat

    I was fully onboard with rotational shows until I realized: I literally have the WORST luck in the world when it comes to timing. :p A few unlucky souls would never be able to catch a live show of storytelling ...
  • Proposal for a new type of competition.

    For a while now I've had an idea for a competition, almost a tournament of sorts. Instead of jumping up and down announcing I'm doing it, I'd rather find out how interested people are and, in general, how many people ...