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  • 'nnoying Nydus! in reply to Funday Monday Topics by Xdeathknight

    Tuned into a game for a short while, I think it was Ragnarok vs. Dear, and watched a great strategy Ragnarok pulled out. He used the Nydus Worm to bring his army full of roaches, lings, and queens right outside ...
  • Unfortunately... in reply to 15 command center by jinnykittiy

    That is pretty much impossible for a funday unless you go swarm host. It takes a while to get that many OCs so the enemy will curb stomp you before you could. It could perhaps work in bronze league, I've ...
  • DT? in reply to Funday Monday Topics by Xdeathknight

    I searched in the archivees but couldn't find a DT focused funday monday?! That can't be right. Your telling me we don't have a funday based on the bronze league's number one strategy!
  • Hmm... in reply to Popup Dungeon - DayKnight Brainstorming by WHiT3R4bBiT

    I feel like the FRIGGEN HUGELY contagious laugh Sean has would be cool to implement. The name could vary a bit but the effect would cause all enemies in a radius to be infected with the laughter and be unable ...
  • Wow... in reply to Hero of the Zerg by SteppeLively

    All of this activity would've been inspiring. Oh well, submitting last day is a legit strategy I guess. Got COMPLETELY wiped out of third place xD Good job guys!
  • Something interesting to note, in reply to Hardest riddle ever. by Scav

    the first letter of the first couple lines, when put together read, NOT THIS LINE. This would imply that another line has the answer? Just my 2 cents of 20 seconds of reading it lol
  • You just made my day. in reply to Where I Sit by Yellow0ne

  • Well as they say... in reply to haha yea i do really want that mouse pad by TrapDorSpida

    Let the best man win the mousepad!! :D The shirt is a bonus ^^ (And mousepad is signed (OMGOMGMGMOMG))
  • Thats odd in reply to Um by LandoY2K

    I tried messaging you and you didn't respond to me. Hm. You on today? I should be on all day so we could do it now or whenver.
  • Man, this has crushed me D: in reply to Damn, you JUUST passed mine. I currently have 57 as my top. by TheProbeToss

    I'm on a losing streak. Can't seem to break 50 :( Oh well, Heres my upload. Maybe I'll feel in the mood to try again later.
  • Damn, you JUUST passed mine. I currently have 57 as my top. in reply to ok Jim got me 62 kills this time! by TrapDorSpida

    Linking it later. Trying to get this mousepad! :P I have trouble enough in a normal game microing when my mouse picks up my mousepad, so you can imagine how difficult this is for me xD Gonna keep going at ...
  • Compliments! in reply to Uhhh...yea.... 36 kills for my roachy by TrapDorSpida

    I've been working tirelessly but to not much avail. I'm obviously terrible. I had an idea for a strat tho. Gonna try it out... Watch out :P
  • Sorry... in reply to Hey ProbeToss by LandoY2K

    We could do it today if you are on. Maybe like 5pm for EST or something?
  • I tried... in reply to I would also love to hear who else is trying this! by SteppeLively

    I tried so hard xD I only got to like 25 before losing the roach. Fun fact of the day: Roaches are HAAAARRRDDD to micro. Not submitting yet because too lazy :3
  • Sorry, was a bit caught up in things in reply to Hey ProbeToss by LandoY2K

    I'll try to stay on longer so that we can play :)
  • Derpfestor? in reply to Something interesting by nathan.degraaf.98

    LOL Would be cool but its a t2 unit that uses energy so the max time would have to go up. Roach.. meh, ling... meh. Zerg is kind of hard because Zerglings are way too weak, but roaches are way ...
  • Hmm in reply to No monitor by Omega068

    While it would be hilarious and cool, I'm not sure this is ideal xD Games would be long, and nothing would REALLY happen. We may see some small skirmishes but I don't think this would turn out well. Nice thought ...
  • Hero of the... Swarm? in reply to A Quiet But Impressive Finish! by SteppeLively

    >.> LOL TheProbeToss; most annoying and persistent player of 2014. Either way, sounds much cooler. What race do you play for? The Swarm. Sounds badass if you agree. If not, I could always play you in a 1 v 1 ...
  • Catwhale vs TheProbeToss in reply to DKTL SEASON 3 (Brackets, Rules, Info) by GMFaustus

    Hey mate! We only got one more day to do this :P Can we play today or tomorrow?
  • I think I am getting passed along automatically? in reply to DKTL SEASON 3 (Brackets, Rules, Info) by GMFaustus

    I have been unable to contact Sherlock for my matches and he seems to have not played any so far in the tournement. I am assuming this means he is AFk and is not participating. I'm guessing I just get ...