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  • Hero of the Swarm in reply to Hero of the Terran by SteppeLively

    Im assuming after this competition is over and the winner has been selected, Zerg players will start feeling the love. Just putting my two cents in and hoping the name will be changed to Swarm (opposed to Zerg) just because ...
  • I absolutely love this idea xD in reply to Black Sheep Wall by l1nc

    "Hey enemies... Yah, uh I'm rushing DT and my friend seems to be making mass marine and nothing else." "Oh wait, nevermind, he is making a couple murauders but no medivacs so you may want to counter that." "I'm sending ...
  • Yah that would be cool. in reply to Well by GMFaustus

    My Twitter is @TheProbeToss if that makes it any easier. I do have skype and an OK mic so the only thing I would really need would be any art/scenes that are branded to DKTL. Like if you have a ...
  • Lol, was completely ready to play... in reply to DKTL SEASON 3 (Brackets, Rules, Info) by GMFaustus

    and I find out I was placed in the round 2 catagory. LOL. One less opponent to face I guess. On the flip side, if you need an emergency backup streamer at any time I could contribute. Purchased xsplit just ...
  • Mining Friendships! in reply to Funday Monday Topics by Xdeathknight

    The restriction on this Funday Monday is you must play a team game, and you may only mine from a mineral field/gas geyser that a teammate or enemy has a nexus, hatchery, or command centre at! This promotes interesting strategies ...
  • I could contribute? in reply to Just some participant figures by GMFaustus

    I could possibly fill in an EU space as well if allowed/needed. Would I just submit a second form only select EU as my continent then? Or?
  • I resubmitted as well. in reply to Name changed by Aurora

    I'm pretty sure I submitted mine before a name change. I resubmitted a ticket for ProbeToss. Disregard any ticket labelled with the name "Thing."
  • OMG. You don't understand... in reply to What's going on... by TheProbeToss

    how bad I'm feeling about myself. I'm such a dipshit. I thought it was a month ahead than what the current day is... LOL Thought april was ending... Well... Uh... yah....
  • What's going on... in reply to The DKTL is BACK! Season 3 Info and Signups! BIG NEWS! by GMFaustus

    Has it started? lol I am so fucking clueless sometimes. I wasn't like contacted or anything so.. .erm... I signed up and shit. Is it just delayed or did I just derp and miss out?
  • ProbeToss in reply to Funday Monday Topics by Xdeathknight

    Not SkyToss, not GateToss, ProbeToss. Now I know what you're thinking. "REALLY?!" But seriously, yes. Inspired by my name, I thought, "What if we had a Funday Monday where the games are focused on you and your friend facing each ...
  • I really like this idea! in reply to Proxied army by Syncr

    I feel like it should be made into something a bit more though. A game which FOCUSES on it. So like, the opponent is going towards your base, the second they leave you recall near their base and do some ...
  • It would be interesting... in reply to Idk if I posted this already but... NYDUS BUILDINGS! by TheProbeToss

    It would be interesting to see where your buildings are located and how you plan to get upgrades. Perhaps a rule should be made that your building must be on the opponents side of the map. OMG YES. It should ...
  • Idk if I posted this already but... NYDUS BUILDINGS! in reply to Funday Monday Topics by Xdeathknight

    The restriction for this Funday Monday is not allowing any structures with the exception of the spawning pool or hatchery/lair/hive inside your main or your natural.
  • Calling dayKnights everywhere! Heed the message!

    We must all band together and change our name. A single name that we share throughout all of us. dayKnight. Recently, it has come to my attention that DayKnight is the proper term for a follower of Sean. I demand ...
  • dayKnight in reply to You _ARE_ a DayKnight by Trumpetmcool

    For every day of my existence I will continue to push the capital change. dayKnight should be the proper term. Not DayKnight. We don't have professional skills like putting capitals on important things! Besides, emotes follow the dayHmm type format. ...
  • Two Things... in reply to IMPORTANT MESSAGE, ATHEISTS AND BELIEVERS! GATHER AROUND! by KevinAndersson

    A) We are known as dayKnights. Not DayKnights. Many people confuse that. Second, where do you live and who is your target audience? I am a Christian and in regards to my religion, generally we don't believe Non-Christians have anything ...
  • Is there an information area? in reply to I'm hundreds of miles from my computer but by GMFaustus

    I checked out the links above but I didn't really learn anything. Is there like a legit update area for what's going on so far, or has nothing happened yet resulting in a lack of information? Sorry, I'm just really ...
  • Don't worry :P in reply to hmm.... by NinjaBird

    Most players are like bronze-gold if we really put things in perspective. That said, I'm one more game away from getting into platinum! :D
  • Well, I'm lost. in reply to The DKTL is BACK! Season 3 Info and Signups! BIG NEWS! by GMFaustus

    I've never really followed the DKTL, in fact I barely know what it is. However, I plan to dick around and to play in a tournament and literally came across this as I was searching for something of this nature. ...