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  • Amusing but... in reply to How goes the deck? by SteppeLively

    The win rate for the deck is dreadful (not that I expected anything different). However, I do enjoy when you get multiple "floating glows" throughout the game as my opponent reads what the hell each minion does. :-)
  • Thank you for your feedback in reply to Worst 10 Neutral Cards by The_Grush

    The reason for this is that I wanted to build a gimmick deck that included the worst 10 cards (2 of each) that are around in the neutral set. Then pick a class and fill out the rest of the ...
  • Worst 10 Neutral Cards

    I was wondering what the community thinks are the worst 10 cards in the neutral set (not including legendary). There are some obvious cards like Wisp and Magma Rager but....?