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  • Mostly Walking Suggestions

    They mentioned they'll be taking suggestions on Mostly Walking. What games do you want to see? Sean Broussard (sp?) mentioned he's a fan of the Quest for Glory series but that it's less popular. I've always loved the series, and ...
  • Count me in in reply to Can't wait! by Max

    I thought brutal was much harder, but mostly because I was trying to get all of the hard difficulty achievements on brutal. The last mission was nigh impossible to do in 25 minutes on brutal, but I finally got it ...
  • Stimmed marines in reply to Tip In Hots T v P by xXMc1ovinXx

    Should counter pretty much all skytoss. If all he's doing is air, there's really no need for anything more than that, especially at the silver level.
  • I did it in reply to Day[9] Daily #504 - Funday Monday: No Gas til Three Bases by Day9

    I double nexus first FFEd vs a terran. He one base all ined and I held it. It was fine.