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  • About: 23 y/o from Sweden.Terran. Play games such as SC2, simcity and league of legends. I play for fun!
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  • [H] Help me back in shape!

    Hello everyone! So here I am. Toadie a former top tier diamond terran player. Faced of shittons of masters and even took down 2 low gms back in my glory days! (When I had no life and only played sc2)
  • Thinking and doing in reply to Might be it! by GomJabbar

    A video can be good to watch just to get the thought process going. but nothing will help you doing it unless you know how. I tryed out "The core" Hotkeys once. and that arcade map is so great to ...
  • Custom map in reply to Clickety Clack Click^10 or how I suck at shortcuts by GomJabbar

    Go on NA server to the arcade and search for Hotkey and there is a hots hotkey trainning map. VERY good to practice. all races and it is your own hotkeys. it just tells you what to build :)
  • new changes in reply to [H] Help a fellow Terran friend that is extremly frustrated! :( by Toadie

    Yeah and these new changes to oracle really helps alot. Toss was alrdy good why make them better? Even pro playes say that Toss is to strong vs terran early game.
  • practice in reply to Multitask by iNveiN

    How can I train Multitask in a efficent way?
  • HT in reply to Protoss imba by iNveiN

    The biggest problem is when they open HT, Scan miss the council and the templar, But I see a robotics, And he completely shuts down my drops with FB. I am trying to be aggressive on the front as much ...
  • [H] Help a fellow Terran friend that is extremly frustrated! :(

    I am Toadie a Swedish Terran player since birth! Currently I struggle ALOT in TvP and now I just don't mean I can't deal with THIS in specific... I just can't deal with Protoss!
  • Dishonored! in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    I whould love to see you play through dishonored Sean! And I think you whould like it! It's a assassins creed type of game. You are falsly accused for murder on the empress. And on the way to get your ...
  • last dragoon in reply to Well by Scoob

    It appeares that one of the last dragoons jumped out from one of his immortals :D
  • The Dragoon is back in sc2!

    # In the mist of everything out of a immortal comes a dragoon!
  • song for the perfect girl! FELICITY! in reply to Day[9]'s Playlist and Songs of the Day by Day9

    I think this could be song of the day atleast once! I think of sooo many stories when I hear this song!. Felicity is a legend over the internet! Thank you sean!
  • Question in reply to Fastest Max!!!! - Terran by SteppeLively

    So does the timer end when I reach 200/200 or when I have 200/200 units on the map?
  • Starcraft 2 Wings Of Liberty Poster in reply to Lo and behold: a question for nerds! by patrick.aune.7

    Hello all Day9 fans! I don't know about you but me myself just love the posters Sean have on his wall. I have managed to get a hold of some myself. BUT Im looking for a Wings of liberty poster ...