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  • Worker rush to macro! in reply to Funday Monday Topics by Xdeathknight

    Me and 2 of my friends just decided to worker rush on the ladder just for shits n' giggles and it turns out it has Funday Monday potential. Simple idea - Send your starting workers to rush the opponent(s) and ...
  • Merry Christmas to Mr. [9] and all of you! in reply to Starcraft? by Tofuporkchops

    I received a key! Can't wait to get this sucker rolling with the Sauce master >:D Thanks a bunch!
  • Starcraft? in reply to HotS Beta key Contest by ntucker

    Starcraft... Ah yes. Remember installing expansion packs, in this case Broodwar, and just being so excited watching that progress bar fill up? I'll also take this time to apologize for the super long reply!My first encounter with Starcraft all started ...
  • I just started :D in reply to Why one day? by Riuna

    I actually just picked up some noms today and am going to start with some simple foods. Exciting! :D
  • Not a cocktail in reply to I have never heard of it by Riuna

    I don't really know how to describe it, It's like a fermented tea health drink?
  • Sushi! in reply to The NomNomNom Thread by Riuna

    I love sushi so much. Fresh fish... Yes! :'D Hopefully one day I will be able to try more traditional Japanese cuisine!
  • Kombucha! in reply to Drink by ntucker

    My friend just made some Kombucha and I'm gonna try to make some soon too! Yum!
  • It's broke. in reply to "First Contact" by dcinzi

    Your picture is broken! I'd love to try the map and give you some feedback despite my lower bronze status :D
  • Nice! in reply to Hey, me too! by FloorDuck

    Hah! I knew there were musicians hiding in these forums! :D
  • Heh, LARPing in reply to A bit of History by jojojojo

    I read Larping and all I could think of was "Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt!"
  • That... Is alot of education! in reply to Love this by itsbecca

    Holy crap! I enjoy gathering information too, a little bit of google here and there... Just random facts n' stuff. But you, you just took that to a whole new level! Very impressive! I'm just starting to look into university ...
  • Everybody plug your Soundclouds too! Let's all have a listen! in reply to I hope you don't mind! by Saucy

    Hah, thanks man :D
  • I giggled in reply to AHGL by philip.benjamin.alexander

    "Plate/cup micro" I giggled a little bit. Don't forget about your macro though, that pre-dinner tea isn't going to brew itself! :D
  • Excitement! in reply to Ice Breaker by Saucy

    Yes! These forums have the potential for greatness with such an awesome community already established! :D
  • Music, Starcraft, my story, and yours.

    Hello forum browsing peoples! I apologize in advance for the long story, but I'm here to tell you a little bit about myself, music, and maybe some Starcraft 2 just for fun. Then, feel free to do the same, I'll ...