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  • Glad to hear it! in reply to I am interested by Bomdagor

    If you'd like to participate, please email me your skype username at so I can add you to the volunteer chat group where you'll find all necessary info and updates! :D
  • Haha in reply to I dont know if we can trust him.. by krisna.siv

    Lol, I can provide information to my YouTube channel if you like, there you will see that I'm only half-crazy.
  • Excellent! in reply to Seems cool by BMCalliope

    Hey there! Glad you hear you're interested. Please contact me by email at and include your Skype username so I can add you to our group! :D Thanks!
  • Hey Will in reply to I would love to do this by NiftyTricks

    Hey buddy, if you want to get added to the list of future volunteers, email me at so I can put you in the group. Thanks! :D
  • Cool! in reply to Sounds funny by Eurynomos

    Yeah man, just shoot me an email at so I can add you to our group list of future volunteer players :D
  • Word! in reply to Yo by Sleet

    Hey Sleet! Go ahead and shoot me an email at with your Skype and I'll get you on the list for a future show. We got today's show covered, but I'd love to have you on sometime soon!
  • If interested in reply to Sound interesting by mertzlufft

    Please shoot me an email with your Player name/code or your Skype. We have our volunteer for today's show but I'm keeping a sorted list of names for future episodes. :D
  • Excellent! in reply to OK im stupid by Droopykiller

    Ok, perfect. I ask that you please email me at with your Skype name so that I may add you to our official chat, and carry on further discussion there. Look forward to hearing from you :D
  • Can you make it tomorrow? in reply to I would totally do this by Droopykiller

    For our first show, and the short notice, I'd be happy to make such a minor exception. If you can make it tomorrow (Monday) some time between 4:30pm and 6:30pm (Eastern) (Any time within that range is fine, whatever is ...
  • New show looking for Volunteer SC2 Players

    ((Show has been through many iterations, if you're new here, I implore you to read the entire post, but if you're returning, or you just want to know what the deal is RIGHT NOW, jump down to the 4th EDIT, ...