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  • SNES in reply to Top 5 Must Play Games by Console by Day9

    Super Mario World 2 - Easily the best in the Super Mario series and easily the best to start on.Final Fantasy VI - Arguably the best Final Fantasy ever made, and to some the best video game ever made.Chrono Trigger ...
  • Cheers n_n in reply to eu server? by DeanyyBoy

    Just added you on both. ^.^
  • Silver League Terran Looking for Regular Coaching

    I'm not sure whether this is the right place to post this; I've already tried posting it on the TL forums but for some reason I can't look at the forums on TL and am not sure what's happening with ...
  • Thanks. ^.^ in reply to Entirely possible by LordMatsu

    So this isn't like a regular thing they do?QQ
  • StarCraft 2 Name Changes in reply to Quick question - Short answer(s) by Riuna

    At the risk of sounding stupid, is this a regular thing for Blizzard? Like this there a likelihood they'll give another free name change at the end of next season or next year etc.
  • Thanks DayKnights. :D in reply to Where Do I Go From Here... by Tubbzie

    Thanks for all the help; I think for now I'm gonna practice my MM build on ladder and try to get to Gold, while practicing the builds that Xtc suggested against bots. I'll implement them into my ladder games as ...
  • Where Do I Go From Here...

    I'll try to keep this as brief as possible so I don't make a wall of text. I'm top eight silver league (woohoo King of Tin) and got here by practising a Marine, Medivac two base ten minute timing. It ...