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  • Ah, thanks for the info. in reply to Maybe? by itsbecca

    Yeah, I assumed he has hit plate full. Maybe one day he'll read.. until then.. viva la resistance!
  • Does Mr. Sean read the forums? in reply to Moved to "General" by ntucker

  • Lol np in reply to Moved to "General" by ntucker

    Thanks man, I'm sorry about the confusion; much love.
  • title in reply to You seem to still have a post by that name by ntucker

    Hey thanks, I guess I posted it in the General genre, not Starcraft II.. my appologies, thanks for the help.
  • in reply to What post? by ntucker

    @Day9 was the title.
  • Umm.. why did my post get deleted?

  • @Day9

    Hey, I watched your 100th episode and immediately loved your show! I'm also from Kansas City, all over really.. Grandview, Liberty, Raymore, Peculiar, Independence, and I reside in Smithville sometimes as well. I'm happy to see that someone from the ...
  • I love Zerg in reply to insert random title by Eurynomos

    I've also been playing with Zerg since BW.. I've always been a Zerg player. I love the dynamics of the race.
  • Hey all!

    Hello.. any fellow Zerg players?