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  • What did you get the daily for her birthday?

    Some nice jewelry? Some flowers? Did you take her out to eat? Show your affection, mr. Plott!
  • Ok, I've derailed enough in reply to I thought we were talking about economic policy by ntucker

    This is way way off topic so I'll stop here. If anyone wants to discuss this, I'm vaftie on twitter. Back on topic: Thanks for all the advice Sean!
  • Re: Exactly in reply to Exactly by Odysseus

    I would assume that the main reason Day9 isn't sharing his political thoughts is that it's completely irrelevant. Taking a political stance as a public figure is almost always divisive, and what good would it do when the show is ...
  • Volunteerism in reply to Volunterism by ntucker

    "Socialism is about government owned production and force". That's a common misconception, socialism is about public ownership of the means of production and distribution based on necessity without profit, utilizing a government for this is called state socialism. Other streams ...
  • Re: Rand in reply to Re: Ayn Rand by Amaroq64

    I'd be careful ascribing your own values and ideas to someone you don't know. Personally, I'm a social democrat, and I could argue that Day9 shows elements of that too - after all, he provides his content for free and ...