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  • Thx in reply to About the general music by Riuna

    I got what I wanted :)
  • I think... in reply to "Day9 Daily Hotline, how can I help you?" by Riuna

    we should have a thread about the soundtrack for the pre-dailies and intervals. Something like: in the daily #blah these were the songs that were played: (list of the songs). And just to stay in the spirit of the current ...
  • this tile thing is weird... in reply to I love puzzle games by Riuna

    You can play with a controller or use the keyboard and mouse. You basically just use the mouse to aim and shoot and things (mostly with water), so in that regard its very different from a point-n-click game.
  • Vessel, yet another puzzle sidescroller game, but a very noice one

    Vessel is quite a nice game. Its all about controlling how water flows and little liquid automata (that sometimes can be really dangerous for you). Its full of puzzles (not exceptionally hard ones, but at least you dont get stuck ...