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  • The legitness is real in reply to question by amy-eve-revell

    I responded, I thought, but that response may have vanished! If you're asking whether the second game is legit then yes it has absolutely been confirmed. Rain games received huge grants after their first release and has set the total ...
  • Teslagrad 2 is already in the making in reply to Teslagrad --Magnetism and electricity by VolleMotion

    Teslagrad 2: "The World to the West" is already in the making.You'll be playing as four different characters, where one of them seems to be the boys mother from the first game.Looks sooo sweet :D
  • Teslagrad! in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    According to the creators, Rain Game's own blog, the release date of Teslagrad is set to December 13th!!I love indie platform games like Limbo, Braid and Fez, and now I'm extremely excited for Teslagrad!"What is Teslagrad?
  • Teslagrad --Magnetism and electricity

    Teslagrad Launch Trailer (youtube) If you love indie platform games like Limbo or Braid, you might wanna try out Teslagrad.After playing it for 15 hours (took about 6h to complete), I must say I am incredibly impressed by this game.It's ...
  • Second submission -The Swarm's secret weapon in reply to StarCraft Photoshop Contest - With Cats! by SteppeLively

    Forget mutalisks, banelings and even ultralisks! The Swarm has got a secret weapon in their arsenal: Behold! Longcat is joining the fight. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Thanks in reply to That looks by oscar.modig

    Oscar :) Glad you like it <3
  • Thank you! in reply to Dope by Skrolm

    Thanks :*:*
  • So here's my first submission! in reply to StarCraft Photoshop Contest - With Cats! by SteppeLively

    This took about an hour to finish! I also recorded a video timelapse of the process. Coming soon! :D gl hfGo here: for a full HD quality view My submission - Badass Cat Marine
  • Oh in reply to Well by mirrageofhope

    There's absolutely no doubt about that! He constantly does. But sometimes real beauty is captured in the right moment, you know. And not all pictures of Day9 look this good. haha! They look good, of course they do but not ...
  • Hawt(!) Picture of mr. Plott at Iron Squid

    Would you look at that! Day[9] at Iron Squid! Seeing that huge amount of people cheering for him really warms my heart.It really shows you how far he's come with what he's been trying to achieve, and it's by embracing ...
  • Alan Wake - not too scary, yet beautiful and fun! in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    Alan Wake is a really amazing game with great graphics, a great story with excellent writing, and you feel like a badass playing it. + you might get a few scares here and there, but it's nothing like Amnesia or ...