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  • He'll be back to his regular schedule on Monday! in reply to Long enough by 5m4llP0X

    Not sure what the topic is though ;)
  • Still coming, I promise in reply to For subscribers, discount is even better. by GhostStalker

    Sorry for the delay, Twitch has to manually queue it up which usually takes 1-2 days.
  • Should now be launched! in reply to Awesome! by CCrunner17

    You can find them at! Edit: The surprises are a major sale on the non-premium logo shirt and stickers!
  • Nice Timing! in reply to Time estimate? by CCrunner17

    They're planned to launch today unless something happens, along with another surprise :). If you're a subscriber though check your Twitch messages this afternoon for a discount code ;)
  • Great Idea! in reply to Sean by LordMatsu

    Not sure if characters have custom audio, would be sweet though
  • Popup Dungeon - DayKnight Brainstorming

    Popup Dungeon is a roguelike digital-papercraft board game with tactical, turn-based RPG gameplay that lets you create any weapon, ability, enemy, or hero you can imagine. Fellow DayKnight Enrique Dryere is one of the creators and has created a playable ...
  • Thanks for the input! in reply to DayKnights Shirt Poll by WHiT3R4bBiT

    Looks like B wins this one!
  • Thanks for the patience! in reply to Awesome! by Jailak

    We're getting closer, please let us know your thoughts on logo sizing!
  • DayKnights Shirt Poll

    We're getting DayKnight shirts made using Molly's awesome design and want your input on the size of the logo! Please vote in this strawpoll on which logo size(s) you like best.
  • I want to say reveal.js in reply to The presentation by locek

    but I'm not 100% sure
  • Should be fixed now! in reply to Argh by efoxx25

    Thanks for reporting it.
  • Look at the bright side in reply to Dam you by Fivepath

    Net decking is pretty unavoidable in today's world. Look at it as an opportunity to crush people with creativity and skill. If 4/6 games are the same deck, you can include more specialized cards in your deck or even build ...
  • Sure, here it is in reply to jerkadin deck list? by chrishaberdash

    Some notes:First, credit to Trucks for most of this decklist. My main tweak is Eye for an Eye - the idea there is it's a way to get in some final damage vs taunters, or punish Ancient Watcher or Frothing ...
  • Mortal Strike is pretty important in reply to Just a suggestion by Sbrevolution5

    It's often a finisher to get off the last 6 or 12 damage if you lose board control to taunters (i.e. vs Druids) or need that last same-turn burst to outrace another rush deck. I'd suggest to anyone with LEEROY ...
  • Thanks for the catch! in reply to YouTube feed not updating by runtimelogic

    We changed the way we upload videos and apparently the service we now use defaults the Syndication option under Advanced Settings to Monetized Platforms instead of Everywhere. Fixing that now!
  • I hope real people are getting them in reply to No luck by lVathan

    Since nobody is posting it makes me wonder...
  • Ok one more in reply to Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaways by Day9

  • A good way to figure out what you can remove in reply to Deck building by Lef

    When you have a card but don't know what to remove to get it in the deck, pick out a card or two in your deck as candidates for removal. Play some games and every time you draw one ask ...
  • Congrats :) in reply to Wow... by jellyfish

    Welcome to the beta!
  • I'll start this off... in reply to Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaways by Day9

    It's from a friend so no promises it works... [Claimed by unknown person] Remember to post if you take it!