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  • Harvest Moon was pretty accurate to real life relationships in reply to I know this is off-topic by Riuna

    From my recollection of the GBC version, the AI enjoyed gifts of produce and would only marry you when you obtained a blue feather and only if you read her diary and it said she liked you (i.e. you'd given ...
  • Introducing AHGL Volunteer Coordinators

    Less than two years ago we started the After Hours Gaming League with eight teams and a vision to get more top companies involved in eSports. As Amazon, Dropbox, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Yelp, and Zynga battled it out in ...
  • Welcome to the AHGL Blog!

    As we begin preparations for Season 3 of the After Hours Gaming League, we’re creating this blog to offer insights into our long term vision, discuss day to day operations, and explain the reasoning behind important decisions. Please feel free ...
  • Thanks! in reply to Replays by johnboykill

    Updated the main post with these replays ^_^