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  • Region Swap problems

    Hello, so I played this game on the NA servers, except since I moved to Switzerland I would like to swap to the EU servers. However, the region change button does not appear in the menu. Here is my login ...
  • Thanks, for the quick response in reply to Typically, by seren

    Thank you so much, however, these softwares do not work for mac. I think I will try to run off a PC due to the increased variety of aid provided. Thanks!
  • Amazing in reply to Want to make a GAME? by bluedrop

    This is an amazing idea, and I hope that this can comes to light!
  • Streaming, how does it work?

    Hello all, I am a SCII player (obviously sorry), anyway, I was going to get into creating a tournament, and stream the games live etc. Anyway, so I thought I knew how to do it, I created a twitch account ...
  • Casting in reply to rquest sent by Wiggzer

    I too would like to get involved in casting! can I join you guys, or is too late to join the bandwagon? :)
  • What's your channel? in reply to Equipment/general tips for casting/uploading let's play videos by victor.susavila

    If you have a channel/vids I, and I think many others would watch them! So if you comment the link, or edit your post! :)
  • Any Starcraft II players in Switzerland?

    Hey all, I am planning on organizing a small SCII tournament in Switzerland for players who can't really go to 'real' tournaments, to give all players a chance, especially lower level players (Gold and below, however all quality players can ...
  • This sounds awesome! in reply to Looking for creative team for an animated youtube series by Bru

    While I have very little art talent, I would gladly do voice acting to help, and would love to see this followed through and see the final result! as the title says, this sounds awesome and new and innovative :)