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  • Thanks for the advice.. in reply to Doesn't have to be for good.... by SteppeLively

    But I am so done. I just watched my Muta harrass fail, my 4th be destroyed, and my army melt away to several Collosi for the last time. For me the fun is in the win, so I couldn't imagine ...
  • Even unranked? in reply to Burnout by SteppeLively

    I just lost an unranked game and it still frustrated the hell out of me. And it was a perfectly preventable loss. Its time to stop playing. Probably for good. At least I'll still be able to watch Day[9] even ...
  • Probably time to stop, then. in reply to Burnout by SteppeLively

    I did a lot of jumping between races at the start and have settled firmly on Zerg right now, so to an extent I understand the races (and the dailies and Newbie Tuesdays helped me a lot). I don't even ...
  • Fun.

    Hi everyone, I've been watching Day9 for what feels like forever now, even though I've only been actually playing Starcraft 2 online for the 10 months or so (just the single player before that - got WoL near release). Anyway, ...