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  • Getting back into SC2

    Hi guys, It's been a long while since I've played SC2 and it seems like a lot has changed since I last played over a year ago. How do I get back into playing? I was never that heavily into ...
  • Come on! in reply to Day[9] Daily #674 - PvP Stork vs herO - Playing Carefully by Day9

    This was shown in a previous daily and I commented as to why this happens. Does Sean not read comments or have anyone who does this for
  • Hearthstone impressions?

    I watched some of Day9's Hearthstone day off stuff and got quite excited about it. I got a beta key for it a few days ago and it really feels underwhelming when actually playing it. Does any one else find ...
  • I know that feeling in reply to Upload plz XD by troy.johnston.7777

    Daily is airing when I sleep, not uploaded by the time I wake up. Damn living in Europe.
  • Interesting in reply to Sure by LucaRedwood

    That's a really cool mix of two really different concepts, I wonder how it works.
  • Kind of in reply to Indie Game Developers in South of England by Eamonn

    I'm a software developer (recently employed) but I've always had a thing for games. When I first got into my compsci degree, it was because my goal was a gamedev job. It still is. I have a few game type ...
  • Gimmicky? in reply to Day[9] Daily #639 - Apocalypse's non biomine TvZ! by Day9

    I'd say that's something that's half cheese, half mindgames.
  • Unit tester results in reply to Day[9] Daily #630 - Naniwa vs Duckdeok by Day9

    I think the result of adding the zealots with charge and winning is obvious. They charge in, meaning all the blue units can have targets in range, so they stay clumped up. None of the blue units are that good ...
  • I know that feeling in reply to disappointing videos by ver.ker.3

    I'm watching the vids and using the 3 damage to hero card at the beginning is just so obvious! Come on Day9, if this is how you play, even a nub like me could crush you.
  • Schedule in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - Shadowrun Returns! by Day9

    Could we just get the whole schedule for the parts going to be released? I'd rather know when to come back to watch them all rather than checking once a day.
  • It is in reply to About Funday Monday- by Jockeybane

    But next week. He's said it in a few dailies this past week. Gogogo baneling drops!
  • My 2 pennies in reply to So you're telling me to play a lot and not focus so much on strats? by ZeroSigma

    Something that popped into mind upon reading your last paragraph is that it's not really the refinement of an action and making it better that's the immediate benefit, but the lack of negative consequences. Those negative consequences are the issue, ...
  • Is that... in reply to Day[9] Daily #607 - Funday Monday - Sky Terran HOTS edition by Day9

    Given how Oneofmany spoke, it sounded a lot like White-Ra offracing for lols.
  • The missing one in reply to Day[9] Daily #251 – Funday Monday: Audience Improv by Day9

    I was waiting for the DBZ voice, that would have been epic.
  • Really? in reply to Right! by n00dle

    I only got 1 placement match for this season (HotS season 2) and used a 4gate in that, hah :P
  • It has its place in reply to 4 Warpgate Rush, cheese or cheap or legit? by n00dle

    I think it has its place as a proper response. Warpgate will "frontload" the unit creation (as opposed to build for x seconds then get a unit). The proxy pylon removes the walking across the map. The specific number of ...