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  • Awesome! in reply to 100% by Wavingpeople

    Any tips or sugggestions you have are more than welcome since I have not set up a tournament like this before. But with some great planning it would all hopefully run very smoothly.
  • Hello :) in reply to Hi! by GMFaustus

    I'd love to get some volunteers to help get this thing going, is there any way I can talk to you not over the forum so we could discuss a bit how many we would need to be and such? ...
  • Thanks for the info! in reply to Sounds amazing! by LordMatsu

    Reading up on the previous tournament has been great info, thanks for linking it. And I will just have to take up your offer about letting him know, I'm sure anything he has to say will be really good to ...
  • Interest check for DayKnight HS Tournament!

    Hello everybody! And first off, mods, if this is posted in the wrong forum then please inform me of such and I will gladly see it posted somewhere else.