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  • Bastion on Steam Sale!

    Crazy thing just happened: Yesterday I was checking out Bastion and was kind of bummed to see the 15.00 price tag. Having just bought FTL, I couldn't justify buying it. Little did I know a steam sale was about to ...
  • The idea was... in reply to Yes, It would make a good daily tool. by OceanFlex

    More that the replays would already be there... not that he's playing them live. I mostly got the idea from watching Idra and TLO play game after game on the.. uh... same game... I think analyzing THOSE replays is where ...
  • Daily Idea: Replay Resume

    So, currently I'm watching TLO's stream and he and IdrA are utilizing the new HotS replay resume feature in a ZvZ they played on a ladder. It's fascinating to watch the minor tweaks and adjustments they make to their play ...