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  • From a current Bronzwa in reply to How Do I Practice SC2? by D3AD1YCOLOMBIAN

    I was Silver almost Gold in WoL but I've switched to HotS and have dropped to Bronze.Currently I am practicing a couple ways. Some games, if I feel like my macro isn't very good, I stop letting myself micro. I ...
  • Greater Good in reply to Meh, don't worry about it by LordMatsu

    It would result in me building an open source tournament site, supposing I don't build it like a moron, the code base could be used by other tournaments in the future with some reskinning.
  • Sorry in reply to I never said such a thing. by LordMatsu

    It was Philosopher that said that money was an issue.
  • Withdraw in reply to Yea, but we already got contestants by LordMatsu

    Don't have time to practice WoL and HotS. I guess I have to withdraw.
  • Month or two is not spring. in reply to Money isn't the problem by LordMatsu

    rename the tourney if it is in a month or two, Jan-Mar is Winter. Also I can build a site in a week or two if needed. But if you don't want it then I wont bother. Also you specifically ...
  • I wasn't asking for money. in reply to I wouldn't mind by LordMatsu

    Cash isn't really a problem for me as a full time developer. Also, aside from domain (10-15 bucks a year) the sites I linked run on free hosting and can scale up to about 50-100 hits a second without much ...
  • Well it is called a spring tourney in reply to We'll have to discuss on it by LordMatsu

    HotS will have been out for 9 days before the tournament, AHGL starts on the 17 of March so there will already be at least one tournament that will be in HotS at that point.
  • HotS? in reply to SCII Tourney - Prodigy Cup I by LordMatsu

    If this is truly spring (March 21st) then HotS will be out (March 12) so this could be a HotS tournament which would be wonderful as I am practicing HotS for AHGL anyway.If this needs a bit of website help, ...
  • They are right about the rulebook. in reply to Heart of the Swarm by ntucker

    It does say that it was possible for a mid season switch and that people are expected to find a way into the beta.Somehow I missed this when going through the player handbook and rulebook. Can't say I am happy ...
  • Evidently watching the blog is not enough. in reply to I'm sorry to hear that you feel that way by filthyrake

    I didn't know we had to watch facebook (which I know a decent number of people that don't have that it) and the blog, and the forums to keep up with everything.There are multiple people on the Mozilla team that ...
  • My tool got linked! in reply to Don't train APM - train Multitasking by jacek.tomczyk

    Just needed to comment on how rad that is.
  • AMPing your APM in reply to APM training needed by andrew.bag.9

    APM is a good gauge of if you have a plan and know what you are doing. That is about it until you get up higher and microing starts counting for a lot. What it comes down to is you ...
  • Timing Attacks in reply to Just felt the same thing by Slowbro

    Timing attacks refer to things like "When I get +2/+2 I'll move out!" sure they also refer to trying to hit your opponent just before they get stronger due to upgrades/new units etc, but at the lower levels this can ...
  • Funday Roulette - Now you can have Funday Anyday!

    Funday Roulette is a site I built a couple months ago that lets you get a random Funday Monday to do. It is open source and pretty wonderful.
  • SpendingQ - Track your macro!

    I built a site called SpendingQ over the last week or two that makes it easy for you to track your Spending Quotient. I just deployed it for the first time a couple hours ago and could use feedback. Hit ...