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  • About: I am a silver level protoss player trying to get better at SC2 and think day9's daily is a great tool to learn from and I try to take what he says to heart and implement it into my play. I stream occasionally, but because of college I can't very often.
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  • Wil Wheaton! >:( in reply to FireFall Fest with Day[9] by Day9

    haha Big Bang Theory reference XD
  • continued in reply to Build order by XGhostXx

    It really just depends on what your opponent is doing for the follow up i usually just go 5 gate blink no matter what which is obviously not the smartest thing all the time.
  • Build order in reply to Which 2 gate build? by Day9

    he goes 13 gateway then throws one gas down at 16 then the 2nd at 17 and puts 2 probes in each then zealot on 18 and cyber on 22 and a zealot on 22 then throws down a 2nd ...
  • Sase's aggressive 2 gate expand in reply to Day[9] Daily #513 - Laddering - choose my builds! by Day9

    I would like to see you try to do this build in PvP. I've been working on it myself, and I'd like to see how it's actually supposed to be done. I'm sure you can probably implement it a lot ...