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  • About: Avid Day Knight and Twitch TV subscriber. Been a fan since WOL Beta when Day[9] was using the name Striderdoom. Much <3 to Mr Plott for being such a badass and inspiration for me in Starcraft, gaming and e-sports, and in real life. Met him at Toronto WCS 2013 and high fived him twice! :D Living the dream ♥
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  • Other compositions will work... in reply to Exactly by LordMatsu

    You will just see the beta strategy return where Zergs got Corruptors and Queens for the bulk of the army with static defense to back that up, and Vipers and Infestors for support. Something like 8-10 Infestors + 4-5 Vipers ...
  • Thoughts on the new Swarm Host change from Blizzard?

    Hey guys, I was wondering what you all thought about the new SH design being ported over from LOTV to HOTS, and the PDD nerf. How will that change the way you play as Zerg or against Zerg?
  • Dying Light Playthrough? in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off (more) suggestions! by Day9

    This game (Dying Light) came out just a few days ago on Steam, and is basically a combination of Mirror's Edge, Far Cry 3, Dead Island and graphics that rival Crysis 3.