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  • Ladder Reset = Derpy Deck Time

    The ladder's just been reset and we're all lowly novice engineers again with no stars to lose! So what kind of derpy deck dealings are you guys messing around with?
  • Nice ideas! :) in reply to Priestess and Pyro by lspy

    I did consider young priestess but my thought process was that the big issue is giving the totems some attack value.I like the wild pyro idea though! Would certainly destroy most boards and would provide that additional 1 damage to ...
  • Shaman Totem Deck

    Hi guys! I've just been playing around with the idea of a totem deck. The idea is simply: play totems and buff 'em up. It's been working pretty well so far (got me up to rank 8 :D)!! But I'm ...
  • 26 in reply to Favorite Numbers by Naelavok

    The only number between a perfect square (25) and a perfect cube (27) :)
  • Day[9] does Movember?

    anybody else want to see this? :P