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  • Not giving up in reply to There's hope yet by Rade

    I'm still hanging in there, i believe
  • Definitely in reply to Undertale, please! by Daniel_Is_I

    gotta agree, undertale would be great and I think Sean would love it
  • Thank you! in reply to James Bond Joke by Raikas

    That's what I was looking for, thank you so much!
  • Day9's Australian accent

    Does anyone know the episode where Sean did an australian accent, where he did the joke about an australian James Bond villian?
  • Not the smoothest launch in reply to Is it... by BorgLeader

    But what mmo has a perfect launch? They've already done a couple huge patches that fixed many bugs. There are still a number of players that have connection issues, but from what I've seen the game runs just fine. Definitely ...
  • Whoops! in reply to See here by BorgLeader

    Sorry, didn't mean to double post. I did a search for elder scrolls in the forum and didn't find anything.
  • Elder Scrolls Online Guild

    Hey everyone, long time watcher of Day9, recent subscriber. I was curious if anyone plays ESO and If y'all want to get a guild up and running or is there already one?