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  • Thanks for the advice :) in reply to My input by printf

    I may not have made it clear that I did not 4 gate every build just about 3/5. My macro is not terrible for my league ( but still not good). My minerals and gas never go over 500 each ...
  • Help me I'm a noob !

    I have been laddering on the eu server for 2 moths as Protoss and as many guides suggest I decided to just 4 gate my way to the gold league. Now im here I kinda feel like a fish out ...
  • shit in reply to Looking for partner by YourTheWorst

    this was ment to be in funday monday topic, sorry still getting used to this forum.
  • Looking for partner in reply to Funday Monday Partner Thread! by Day9

    Mid silver eu. would prefer to be the one expanding. character code:373