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  • So far so good in reply to While I love the game... by straechav

    To be honest I've been loving his streaming of it. It's much slower than Starcraft but you can absorb more.
  • If Needed in reply to Well I'm down to use anything by LordMatsu

    .. And we go down that paywall route, let me know. I wouldn't mind pitching in 10-15$ if we can't find a free service to cover the monthly fee for everyone.
  • Posting Here in reply to I always feel bad for asking... But I need help by mirrageofhope

    Just wanted to say my condolences, and I'm happy to help out a fellow member of this awesome community. Things will get better, but it will take time.
  • No, thank -you!- in reply to DayKnight Festival (Faustival?) Wrap Up Thread by GMFaustus

    Had a blast doing this. It was a pleasure being a part of it.
  • Definitely in reply to Do any DayKnights regularly stream? by kenneth.sockell

    In the next week or so I'll be streaming myself and Omega068 playing some D3! Other than that, there are a few events that happen each week as well:
  • Yes in reply to [W] message functionality by Cadwah

    I third this notion. I was actually very surprised there isn't one already in place.
  • Oh man... in reply to DayKnight Show Matches by Omega068

    I had SO much fun tonight running the DKSM and then the After Party. Thanks everyone who participates with us! I'm loving the new Sunday schedule so I don't miss out anymore. :D
  • Lookin Good in reply to Showmatches this weekend! by Omega068

    I'll be there.
  • Fun in reply to DayKnight Show Matches by Omega068

    Had an amazing time last week, being able to stream DKSM finally after a few weeks! I miss it dearly.
  • This... in reply to Symbol for the DayKnights by ChromeEdition

    Now this is awesome.
  • Archmage Antonidas - Golden in reply to When/Who Was Your First Legendary? (Question has extra meaning) by PickledParsleyParty

    Decided that I liked Hearthstone and wanted to support it. Got it about 7-10 packs into a 20$ set of card packs.
  • Great Method in reply to Usually iterative and thematic by Omega068

    I use this as well, actually at Anthony's suggestion. It's worked great for me so far. Make sure to only make minor tweaks if you start to get the idea that a deck isn't working.
  • Yes!! in reply to So by the way by Omega068

    Please do check! We made sure to credit you on stream, and will definitely include your name in the vods on YT.
  • I loved this! in reply to "godmode"-map by spoilHonk

    I remember this is one of the first places I found out about Sean. I'd love to run our own sort of crazy thing with that.
  • Interesting in reply to Rendering will resume tonight by Ziethriel

    Can't wait to see! You can check the OP for up coming player names and their dates. The closest dates are always kept at the top when Omega updates the thread.
  • Gonna Review the Schedule... in reply to That was fun by Atomix180

    I'll let you know more than likely later this evening. Make sure you have this thread bookmarked so you get notified of replies! I need to speak with Omega as well to see what his upcoming schedule is going to ...
  • Welcome! in reply to Interested in joining the shenanigans by ScipioTheGreat

    I'll look over the schedule tonight and let you know what we've got available. All you needed to do was post here! I'll get in contact with you soon.
  • Perfectly Fine in reply to sorry by matgopack

    We knew it would be crazy because of the holidays. Go ahead and contact Omega or I to get another day set up! Christmas is coming up, so the next weekend would be on the 7th, but I'm not sure ...
  • Matches for November 30 - in reply to DayKnight Show Matches by Omega068

    If your match is scheduled tonight, please send me an e-mail at with your Skype account info so I can add you be sure to respond to my contact request on Skype to confirm you'll be here tonight! Thanks ...
  • Finally! in reply to GHlight by Fluffyflow

    Been waiting for these to come back out since the previous version had been removed. I'll be working with Omega to get this implemented if at all possible.