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  • yeaaaa! in reply to yoyoyo by manbon

    unfortunately we're going to need at least 7 people to test this properly, so no point in scheduling anything till we get that many :(
  • IMBA League Extension Mod Testers Wanted!

    Hey guys! After an eye-opening stream, it's come to my attention that the IMBA League extension mod is/was painfully broken! I've visited the triggers again, and I believe I've fixed the bugs spotted in the VOD by Trumpetmcool, but without ...
  • Neat! in reply to DayKnight Show Matches by Omega068

    This seems like a really fun concept! :D Will definitely keep an eye on this at the very least... ;) If I wasn't so terrible I might even consider playing haha
  • Oh yessss in reply to I think you should do by CappyJ

    FFVII + Day[9] = Win
  • It's for fun in reply to Love idea but is match up broken?? by killerxbrapz

    I'm no pro, but I think anyone could say that giving all units blink would probably be broken in more than one way! It's just for fun, amigo. :D (though I'm willing to bet interesting cannon placement combined with blinksentries ...
  • OMG! in reply to Husky did this by ludvigk

    That's definitely my map! :D Did he tell the viewers how to find it? :O
  • Hopefully done? in reply to Sure! by Zenix

    I think they're published on EU now. Let me know if you find any bugs from the transfer. :P
  • Yeeaaa in reply to I couldn't found it by Zenix

    It's only NA. I can do a EU upload if you want?
  • Some bugs... in reply to Blinkcraft by Agouti

    Worker blink doesn't work on Blinkcraft, which means that I'd wager it also conflicts with other units that already use the B-Key. I made a blink map as well! =) It's available on arcade and fixes all of these bugs. ...
  • Clearin' Up Dat Confusion in reply to Hmmm.. by GoldenH

    I thought so too for a little bit when I was searching for the video where Day[9] and Husky have the conversation in question, but that only granted Blink to all basic units (ie marines/zealots/zerglings) So not the same at ...
  • ermagerd in reply to AMAZING by Keating

    that would be so awesome <3
  • Oh god in reply to Did you also include... by AquaMarine

    I definitely did not! Haha